UVI Vintage Synths


UVI Vintage Synth Multi Patch Collection

This Vintage Synth Patch Collection contains custom multi patches from UVI’s Digital Synsations Volume 1 & 2, Energy, and String Machines 2, all in one sound bank. It combines the power of up to 4 instruments per patch, customized to produce an amazing ambient sound. The patch list per UVI Vintage Instrument includes:


  • DS-1 Above the Clouds
  • DS-1 Prismatic Keys
  • DS-1 Shimmering Skyline
  • DS-1 Solidstate Symphony
  • DS-1 Translucent Transwaves


  • DS-2 Aurora Borealis
  • DS-2 Lost Horizon
  • DS-2 Lucent Lullaby
  • DS-2 Pan Galactic
  • DS-2 The Silver Lining


  • EN – Distant Voyager
  • EN – Dystopian Dream
  • EN – Enchanted in Evermore
  • EN – Gentle is the Night
  • EN – Tokyo Dawn


  • SM-2 Angelic VP330
  • SM-2 Crystal Choir
  • SM-2 Desolation
  • SM-2 Hollow Earth
  • SM-2 Nocturnal Tranquility
  • SM-2 Pleiadian Ensemble
  • SM-2 Solar Symphony
  • SM-2 Sweeping Solarina
  • SM-2 The Dark Kingdom
  • SM-2 Voyage To Sirius

System Requirements:
Digital Synsations Vol. 1 **
Digital Synsations Vol. 2 **
Energy **
String Machines 2 **
• UVI Workstation or UVI Falcon

This collection is a “work in progress”, and will be updated in the not so distant future. Full installation instructions are included with this collection.

**  All 4 instruments are not required, but at least 1 must be installed to use the minimal amount of patches within this collection. To use all 25 patches, all of the above UVI instruments must be installed.