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StarBurst HT is a rather unique sound expansion set for the HT6000 sample library, produced by Rhythmic Robot Audio. What makes StarBurst HT so unique is that this sound set uses Rhythmic Robot’s Casio HT6000 sampled content, and transforms the basic HT sounds provided into a lush sounding ambient instrument using advanced Kontakt parameters, and impulse response based convolution.

Backstory; In 1988, I purchased the Casio HT700 brand new. Before that I had only used Yamaha FM based synthesizers, and wanted to learn how to program synthesizers using a more conventional subtractive method, unlike the FM Operator techniques I had previously used. My budget being tight at the time, the HT700 had both the subtractive synthesis architecture, and a price that fit my budget.

The Casio HT series employed Digital Spectrum Dynamic Synthesis using PCM waveforms combined with a parpaphonic analog filter. It took a lot to create professional sounding patches, but it was indeed possible. When I had found out that Rhythmic Robot Audio released PatchVault HT6000, nostalgia filled my mind as I reminisced over the beginnings of my sound programming glory days. PatchVault HT6000 comes with all 20 of the Upper Register factory presets sampled from Casio’s HT6000.

As my sound programming skills have advanced quite a bit since that fine day roughly 30 years ago, my nostalgic mood quickly turned into a self challenge …What if I could transform the HT into a more advanced sounding modern ambient instrument using my skills combined with modern technology? And the result …StarBurst HT!


StarBurst HT comes with 10 Single patches, 10 Multi Patches, 5 Impulse Responses, and a Graphic User Interface based off of Rhythmic Robot Audio ‘s factory GUI, that resembles the color and look of traditional HT series synthesizers. Of the 20 Sample Wave’s included with Rhythmic Robot Audio’s PatchVault HT6000, 8 Sample Wave’s were used in the making of this sound set as follows:

  • Harp
  • Cathedral
  • Cosmic Dance
  • Synth Bells
  • Brass Ensemble
  • String Ensemble
  • Synth Ensemble
  • Synth Ensemble 2

Single Patches: The 8 Sample Waves were used to create the following single patches using advanced Modulation Routings, Filter Settings, and Convolution Effects. (Heavy use of Modulation Wheel!) :

  • Ambient Pad I                       Sample Wave:    String Ensemble
  • Ambient Pad II                     Sample Wave:    String Ensemble
  • Astral Ambience                 Sample Wave:    Cathedral
  • Celestial Harp                      Sample Wave:    Harp
  • Cosmic Brass                         Sample Wave:    Brass Ensemble
  • Event Horizon                      Sample Wave:    Synth Ensemble
  • Spirit Cave                              Sample Wave:    Cosmic Dance
  • StarBurst                                 Sample Wave:    Synth Bells
  • Solina                                         Sample Wave:    Synth Ensemble 2
  • Vocodian                                  Sample Wave:    Synth Ensemble 2

Multi Patches: The 10 Single Patches were used to create the following multi patches, but sound different to their single patch counterparts due to patch re-programming and use of alternate Modulation Routings.  (Also uses Modulation Wheel!) :

  • Astral Traveller                               Singles:   StarBurst, Astral Ambience
  • Cosmic Ensemble                          Singles:   Ambient Pad I, Cosmic Brass
  • Enchanted                                          Singles:   Celestial Harp, Ambient Pad I, Solina
  • Ethereal                                               Singles:   Vocodian x2, Solina, Ambient Pad I, Celestial Harp
  • Fantasynth                                        Singles:   Ambient Pad II, Spirit Cave
  • Galactic Pad                                     Singles:   Astral Ambience x2, Solina, Ambient Pad I
  • Multiverse                                         Singles:   Event Horizon, StarBurst, Ambient Pad II
  • Requiem                                              Singles:   Solina, Vocodian
  • Solid-State  Symphony               Singles:   Cosmic Brass, Solina
  • String Machine                                Singles:  Solina x2

The StarBurst HT GUI: Although the original GUI created by Rhythmic Robot Audio is sufficient enough, and comes with access to all of the necessary parameters to create your own patches,  I decided to create a look that better resembled the original HT series line of synthesizers :


Installation Instructions: Locate the Rhythmic Robot Audio’s PatchVault HT6000 folder on your hard drive (The default folder name is “RR PV HT6000” unless you renamed it). Place all three of the included folders located within the “RR PV HT6000” folder in this expansion set, into the “RR PV HT6000” folder on your hard drive:

  • Instruments —>  RR PV HT6000   (10 Single instruments)
  • Multis —>  RR PV HT6000 (10 Multi instruments)
  • Resources —>  RR PV HT6000 ( IR Samples & GUI Image)

StarBurst HT Requirements:

Sound Demo of all 10 Multi-Patches played in sequence:

Sound File Summary of Terms

The files you are about to download are provided free and as is,  no warranty or support implied or otherwise. The archive is also password protected. To gain the password, please leave a personal “thank you” message within the “comments” section below with a valid email address so that I may provide the archives password for you.

This ensures a proper count of the users who download, and use these sounds. Your email address will NOT be used for any other purpose than to gain the archived password. Thank you for understanding, and I sincerely hope you enjoy making music with my sounds.


Kontakt © 2017 Native Instruments

PatchVault HT6000 © 2017 Rhythmic Robot Audio

StarBurst HT © 2017 AmbieticA


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    1. Thanks for the heads up Ron! Rhythmic Robot’s new expansion looks pretty cool. I can only hope I was the one who inspired that project 😉

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