Ultrapro, a sample library based from the the E-MU ULTRAPROTEUS, which was a combination of the Proteus I Pop & Rock, II , Orchestral, III World Instruments, and Proformance Grand Piano, which included Z-plane filters from the Morpheus. The 470 WAV’s at the heart of this Synth were created using the Emulator III.

This was the Ultimate second generation Proteus! The Samples you are about to use is a very powerful example of the 32 Z-plane 14-pole Digital Filters, and Dual 8 Segment Function Generators that make this synthesizer so unique. Programming techniques were used to push the sound architecture to its limits, giving you a fresh new palette of sounds.

All Metasounds within this sample library have been programmed and sampled exclusively for Metascape Media™. Ultrapro comes with 11 Multi Presets, 7 Single Presets, and 3 X-tra Muti Combos.  Ultrapro is compatible with the full version of Kontakt 5 and higher, but will not work in demo mode.


Ultrapro Preset List:

  • 11 – Multi Presets:
    • “THUNDER“,  Crystal^Tine, FANTAHARP))), GUITAR_SYNTH, HEAVY^METAL, HOLY_CHAMBER, new^AGE^bass, Silver^Wing 2, SOLO^^METAL, THE WIZARD^, Transcend )x(. (More to come).
  • 7 – Single Presets:
    • )( K1-Synth )(, ^Rainforest^, __-AVATAR-__, BoSENDORFER2, CRYOGENISIS, GRANDsweeper, MYSTIC_FLUTE. (More to come).
  • 3 (6) – X-tra Multi Combos:
    • Avatar’s )x( Ascension – MorphingPad, naBASS^GUITARsyn – KeySplit, The.Padded.Grand – MorphingPads, Faerie )+( Chimer – MorphingKeyPad, HeavyMetal^Solo – KeySplit, Z-Gen^Nature FX – KeySplit. (3 released …More to come).

 1 – The Interface:

The Graphic User Interface for your Metasounds UltraPro was designed for ease of use, and intuitive control. The default control panel, “Ultrapro MetaSound” contains the essential audio shaping parameters which include Volume, Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release, (See figure 1 below)

Figure 1:   A  ADSR

Ease of use comes with ease of access. For instance the virtual “ADSR” knobs on the Interface control what would normally be within the settings of Kontakt’s volume control, which would make it nearly impossible to change “on the fly” for performance demands, (see figure 2 below).

Figure 2:  


The secondary panel, “Ultrapro Information”, contains an overview of the sampled instrument, the sampled Metasound, and usage information. The usage information section is a parameter guide with preset specifics such as: “Single Kontakt Patches within this library use the MIDI CC1 for other purposes, like LFO, or Portamento, as the samples within single patches were Morphed using the Function Generators as a Modulated Source.”  (See figure 3 below)

Figure 3:


 2 – Single Presets: 

Single Preset sounds are the equivalent of a Kontakt Single Instrument. Singles were designed to showcase the power of Morphing filters through powerful function generator techniques. Single Presets allow for your instruments Modulation Wheel to change both Portamento, and LFO parameters, which are preset specific. (See figure 4 below).

Figure 4: 


 3 – Multi Presets:

Multi Presets are the equivalent of Kontakt Multi Instruments, with the difference being that Multi’s within Ultrapro are actually two single instruments combined to emulate one morphing Z-Plane filter cross fade. For example, in figure 5 below, there appears to be 2 single instruments of the same name, except for an “X” within one of the single preset names. In this example, Silver^Wing 2 is the single preset that is audible when the Modulation Wheel is all the way down. If you were to play this Multi Preset, and slowly move your controllers Modulation Wheel all the way up, Silver^Wing 2 X would then be audible, as this Multi Preset would seamlessly “Morph” using the same preset sound source, through a virtual Z-Plane filter sweep.  Figure 6 below illustrates exactly how this works in detail.

Figure 5:


Figure 6:

Ultrapro Multi Preset Diagram

 3 – X-tra Multi Combos:

The third instrument type within this sample library are called X-tra Multi Combos. These preset types are combinations of both Single and Multi Presets using special parameter settings, which create the best of Z-Plane filter sweeps, sample start times, and function generator emulations. The “MULTI-COMBO – Information” window gives specific functionality of Modulation Wheel performance usage. (See figure 7).

Figure 7:  


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Any reference to the The E-MU Ultraproteus is Copyright  1994 – 2007 E-MU Systems Corporation.

Kontakt © 2014 Native Instruments

All Ultrapro Metasounds Copyright 2014 Michael Lyon


7 thoughts on “Ultrapro”

  1. Hey there, I am desperate for the patch 11 Saturn Pad sound from the UltraProteus, is this included in this instrument? I believe saturnpad was only on the UltraProteus, is this correct?

    1. Hi Steven,
      You are correct. Saturn Pad was #11 in the Factory ROM. Unfortunately, these samples were taken from my own programmed sound set, included here:


      and don’t include any patches designed by E-MU. But since I do still have the Ultraproteus, maybe I will sample that patch for you in the not so distant future. It’s been so long, I actually want to hear that patch again. I will email you, and let you know.


      Image or PDF: SP

    1. Hi Sol Star, and thank you for your purchase! I really hope you like the UltraPro library. I did actually make an additional bonus addon called UltraViolet, which is a two layered pad I created and sampled from the Ultraproteus synthesizer. I sent you an email with the link! Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy! :)

  2. I wanted to personally thank everyone who has purchased “UltraPro” by providing a free update: A deeply sampled sound of the Piano Pad I used for the song “UltraViolet”, from the Album “Electra Prime” Listen Here: https://app.box.com/s/j7vopsytk4tbsn41nho1d5vx36puia00 Please post a comment with your email address (which only I will see), and I will email the necessary link for you. It’s my way of saying “Thank You” :)

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