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The Ensoniq Mirage is an 8-bit sampler with true Voltage Controlled Analog Filters, (VCF’s), giving the Mirage that warm sweeping sound only found in yesterdays analog synthesizers. Because of its 8-bit graininess and VCF capabilities, like resonant sine wave modulation, the Mirage has become a legend among most keyboard musicians. The Mirage Metasounds Sample Library brings the power of the Mirage’s VCF’s out with many analog simulations including Oberhiem, Moog, TR-909, and, Serge Synthesizers. But there is much more to this library than analog emulation including Natural Sounds, Dance Beats, Sound Effects, and Powerful Leads.

Ensoniq Mirage Package Contents

  • Sounds:
    • Mirage 10 Disk Sample Library in Mirage Disk Format:
    • MELPRO1: Oberhiem Ob-1, Minimoog pulse, Serge sine, Moog Resonant Bass, TR-909 Kick Drum.
    • MELPRO2: Techno loop, Stratos FX, Arp Hit, Robot band, Harpvoice, Industrial loop.
    • MELPRO3: Voice Pad, K1 fantasy, Minimoog lead, K1 strings, K1 brass.
    • MELPRO4: Pan Pipe Movement, Pan Flute, Synth Reed, Tribal Beat Loop.
    • MELPRO5: Analog Pitch Shift, Analog FX, Arp string synth, Alien Beat, Effects Loop.
    •  MELPRO6: Lowpass Bass, CT fantasy, Astral voice, CZ acoustic echo, Sample & Hold, Synth intro.
    •  MELPRO7: Broken Glass FX, Drum machine, Tribal drum, Techno Hit, Breathy voice, Space lead.
    • MELPRO8: Morpheus beat loop, Digitalsweep, Roland Juno Synth, Cello section, CZ brass.
    • MELPRO9: Fairy tale, Ambient snare, Fretless bass guitar, Oriental Dew, FM sweep pad, Strings
    • MELPRO10: Stream, Wetland, Cricket, Song Bird, Loon Lake.
    • Mirage Tools Version 1.0 Disk Writing Utility, (PC Only).
  • Documentation:
    • Sound documentation (this document)
    • The Ensoniq Mirage DSK-1 Musicians Manual
    • The Ensoniq Mirage DSK-1 Parameter Reference Cards
    • The Ensoniq Mirage Advanced Samplers Guide
    • The Ensoniq Mirage DSK Service Manual
    • Transoniq Hacker #039 (Sound Process OS Edition)
    • Mirage Links.txt (Tools & Resources for your Mirage)

 Metasounds Ensoniq Mirage Disk Writing instructions

Before using this sound library, you must have an Ensoniq Mirage, and at least one Mirage Formatted Diskette, as this library is not System Exclusive transferable. All disks MUST be double sided, double density 3 1/2″ diskettes, as the original Mirage disk drive cannot write to, or read from high density diskettes unless you have converted your Mirage disk drive to read high density disks. It is also a plus to own the MASOS Mirage Operating System, but not necessary for this procedure to work correctly.

  • Insert the Mirage Formatted Diskette into your PC’s 3 ½ inch floppy drive
  • Locate mwrite.exe within this package, (in the 0 – Mirage Disk Writing Utility folder). Remember the location of this disk writing utility on your PC, as you will need to know this.
  • In the Windows Start Menu, click Run, and type “command”. Then Windows DOS will start.
  • In the DOS prompt start the mwrite Mirage disk utility by typing its location; for example if mwrite is in a folder called Mirage on Drive C then type: C:/Mirage/mwrite.exe (You will notice the mwrite program will give a usage list).
  • For ease of use, it is advisable to also put the Sample Library files within the same folder as mwrite before continuing with the next step.
  • After making sure that the Sample Library files and mwrite are in the same folder, and a Mirage Formatted Diskette is in your PC’s disk drive, go back to the DOS prompt, and after choosing which Library Disk file you wish to load onto the disk, (for this example I will use Disk 1, and step 4’s location example), Type the following command within the DOS prompt:


  • In the DOS Prompt you should now see:


  • If all went well, the DOS prompt should read: “Write complete”
  • You may now eject the written 3 ½ disk from your PC and load it in your Mirage.
  • If for some reason you got errors at the DOS Prompt, it’s more than likely your not using a double sided, double density disk, and/or, it hasn’t been formatted with the Mirage beforehand. This procedure has been thoroughly tested, and the results were always positive. Below is an Illustration of the procedure in progress for your convenience (click for a larger view):


Sound File Summary of Terms

The files below are provided free and as is, (previously offered by me through Metascape Media for $5.00), no warranty or support implied or otherwise. You must agree to the END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT  before downloading the provided .zip archive. The archive is also password protected. To gain the password, please leave a personal “thank you” message within the “comments” section below with a valid email address so that I may provide the archives password for you.

This ensures a proper count of the users who download, and use these sounds. Your email address will NOT be used for any other purpose than to gain the archived password. Thank you for understanding, and I sincerely hope you enjoy making music with my sounds, and the various included sounds within the package. I would also love to hear your work using these sounds, but that’s completely up to you. You’ll have my email address, link me to your creative genius anytime keyboard

Sound File Download

Ensoniq Mirage Video Demo


The Mirage Tools Version 1.0 Disk Writing Utility is Copyright  1999 Richard Wifall

The Ensoniq Mirage DSK-1 Musicians Manual, and Parameter Reference Cards are Copyright  1984 Ensoniq, which is now owned by E-MU Systems Corporation

The Mirage 10 Disk MELPRO Sample Library Copyright 2014 Michael Lyon


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  1. thank you!

    this is a great resource – let me know if i can reciprocate. this alleviates so many headaches!

  2. Thank you Michael . Could I have password please ? I bought a Mirage DSK-8 but no disks . It powers up and displays ‘nd’ so ive got that far …I dont know if floppy drive works yet. Assuming it does… do I have to first get OS software on floppy to boot and then make formatted floppy to then load your sounds on ? Do you not provide any Ensoniq boot up software …disk format software? Sorry to be ‘new’ but I am totally new to Mirage..
    Thank you Charlie

  3. Thank you so much for this. I’ve been very keen to get the mirage a few more sounds to try. Hope my PC skills will suffice—mac user here.

  4. Thank you so much! The Mirage I bought new in 1988 is finally mine again and I’m anxious to get reacquainted.

  5. Thank you!
    Mirage is still a very inspiring sampler, so great to have this disc utility and feed it with new sounds.

  6. Hi mate!

    Just found your site! Nice work!!
    I’m about to fire up the mirage rack and see how I go with your sounds!
    Much appreciated!!!



  7. I would very much like to try your samples
    as i just fixed my ancient Mirage and was
    able to recover most of its original disks
    back to life via omnifop .
    Thank you !

  8. Michael, many thanks and high regards for the resourceful site
    looking forward to unlocking your Mirage library collection
    best wishes Michael

  9. You save my life with this post. I bought an Ensoniq Mirage in these last days and I did not have the discs to make it work. This really made my day. Thank you!

  10. Thank u dude, last week my friend gift to me a ensoniq mirage whitout floppy, i’m going mad for found the sample and the system file

  11. And thank’s to Ted Tudor, the archive has been updated to include everything from the last update I posted above, as well as:

    -Mirage Parameter Reference Card OS v3
    -Mirage Starter Guide by Peter Sansom

    Both in HTML format. Once again, just re-download, as the password is still the same. Thanks Ted!

  12. Hi everyone, and thank you for your kind comments. I just wanted to post a quick note that I have updated the Ensoniq Mirage Package available here to include:

    -The Ensoniq Mirage Advanced Samplers Guide
    -The Ensoniq Mirage DSK Service Manual
    -Transoniq Hacker #039 (Sound Process OS Edition)
    -Mirage Links.txt (Tools & Resources for your Mirage)

    To grab this update just re-download. The password is still the same – Michael

  13. I appreciate how you keep adding to the techno/tech house community. It’s great. I have been a long-time audience member and thought that I should finally reach out to add my own 2 cents. I discovered this Spotify playlist and believe it’s suited to this site as well as its audience. http://spoti.fi/2v7a0MA I hope everybody likes it!

  14. Thank you so much Michael Lyon for this and your hard work in doing it. Especially for the disc writing program. Looking forward to using them in the studio.

    BTW. I have a Ensoniq Mirage Rack and compatible Oberheim DPX-1.

  15. Thanks so much for these. Always looking for Mirage Samples. Bought my first one when it first became available and have sold and bought a couple back over the years. Just something about the sound that is unique.

  16. Hi everyone, I have an update to post here, but will make a quick comment for now. The Mirage Tools Version 1.0 Disk Writing Utility was coded for 32 bit systems, but will work on a 64 bit system by performing a little trick.

    I currently use Windows 8.1 – 64 bit. What I did is found the command prompt program “cmd.exe” in the C:\WINDOWS\system32 folder. Copied and pasted it to the folder mwrite.exe was located, then “dragged and dropped” mwrite.exe right into cmd.exe and it opened perfecly.

    So if anyone is having this issue, try that, it should work 😉

  17. I recently acquired a Mirage that came with a few of these disks and I would love to complete the collection. Thank you very much for providing these wonderful sounds.

  18. Thanks so much! A friend who I sold my Mirage to about 25 years is giving it back to me w/o most of the disks (which he lost). Can’t wait to get it. Was listening to some old tunes we did many years ago and got very nostalgic for the old piano, string, and horn sounds. Thanks again. Dmitri

  19. Thanks for posting this obscure archive of sounds! My much used disk of mirage strings went corrupt so have been desperately searching for old mirage disk images that can load in the Ensoniq ASR10… still regret throwing my original mirage in the trash after it stopped working so many years ago… ironic how now it would have been simple repair job for me replacing the power caps

  20. Thanks for providing some free sounds for the Mirage, they are getting hard to find! Just dusted off my old Mirage and want to get it back into my recording rig. Thank you!

  21. Thank you!

    I just yesterday bought a used but still very good looking and working Mirage DSK8 mkii (the second edition with semi-weighted keyboard) and I am looking around for sound diskettes and images and found your page here!
    Unfortunately the mirage seller didn’t have many sound disks so I am searching around about them and also found many info about how to make my own sound disks.
    I will try to convert also samples from wav and other samplers to push them inside a tiny 64K Ram! (for each half keyboard)

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