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The ULTRAPROTEUS RAM bank of sounds you are about to use is a very powerful example of how sophisticated this synthesizer really is. All of my programming techniques were used to push the ULTRAPROTEUS sound architecture to its limits, giving you a fresh new palette of sounds that no other synthesizer on earth can imitate. The Z-plane filters and function generators that make this synthesizer so unique, is the heart and soul of this power to give a new kind of musical expression never before available. To use these sounds to their maximum potential I’ve made using real-time, note-on and foot controllers easy to manipulate during performance.

Ultraproteus Package Contents

  • Sounds:
    • ALL RAM Ultraproteus sound banks system exclusive file, (includes all presets, hyper presets, and Midi maps in one file).
    • 128 RAM preset bank system exclusive file.
    • 128 Hyper preset bank system exclusive file, (dependent on the RAM preset bank).
    • 16 Midi Map Special Effects preset bank, in separate and single system exclusive files, (Midi Maps dependent on both RAM, and Hyper preset banks).
    • The original E-MU Ultraproteus ALL RAM Factory sound banks system exclusive file.
    • The Complete E-MU Ultraproteus ROM Card Collection
    • The SendSX 32 bit version 1.21 System Exclusive Transfer Utility, (PC Only).
  • Documentation:
    • Sound documentation (this document).
    • Scanned Sound List
    • Scanned Data Sheet
    • E-MU Ultraproteus Owners Manual
    • The E-MU Ultraproteus Original Advertisement and Specification Sheet

Ultraproteus Controller and System Exclusive set up instructions

All sounds are assigned on your Ultraproteus as follows:

  • Controller A is assigned to #01: modulation wheel or lever
  • Footswitch #1 is assigned to #64: sustain pedal
  • Mono and poly key pressure are both assigned to the same destinations so no matter what keyboard you’re using you’ll never experience a change in pressure timbre! To make sure your ULTRAPROTEUS is assigned to the proper controllers, and is able to receive Sysex messages, simply press the MASTER Button, and turn the data entry knob until it comes to:


01 00  00  00


  • Make sure it looks like the above read out. (You can assign BCD any way you like just make sure that A=1). Then turn the data entry knob until you find:


64 11 00


  •  Make sure it looks like the above read out. Then turn the data entry knob once more to find:




  • Make sure it is ON

If you are unsure about changing the above settings, please consult the Ultraproteus Owners Manual which is included.


Sound File Summary of Terms

The files below are provided free and as is, (previously offered by me through Metascape Media for $15.00), no warranty or support implied or otherwise. You must agree to the END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT  before downloading the provided .zip archive. The archive is also password protected. To gain the password, please leave a personal “thank you” message within the “comments” section below with a valid email address so that I may provide the archives password for you.

This ensures a proper count of the users who download, and use these sounds. Your email address will NOT be used for any other purpose than to gain the archived password. Thank you for understanding, and I sincerely hope you enjoy making music with my sounds, and the various included sounds within the package. I would also love to hear your work using these sounds, but that’s completely up to you. You’ll have my email address, link me to your creative genius anytime keyboard

Sound File Download

E-MU Ultraproteus Video Demo


SendSX 32 bit V1.21 is Copyright 1997 – 2001 Florian Bomers. By using Send SX, you are required to purchase a license either by fee, or postcard. For newer versions of SendSX, for product support, and to view more information about how to receive a license please visit: http://www.bome.com/midi/sendsx/

The Ultraproteus Owners Manual, Specification and Advertisement sheet, and Factory sound banks are Copyright  1994 – 2007 E-MU Systems Corporation.

All new Ultraproteus sound banks Copyright 2014 Michael Lyon


111 thoughts on “E-MU Ultraproteus”

  1. Thank you, Michael, for providing the sounds. It’s even more important because the original presets don’t give justice to the unit. My Morpheus is broken (and hopefully will be repaired soon), so now it’s only the UltraProteus, which gives me this lush, glassy sound…

  2. Hi Michael,
    I really dig your music and site. Very cool.
    Thanks for providing the electronic music community with this amazing collection for the Ultra Proteus.
    All the best to you.

  3. Thanks, Michael!
    Your music is very cool and so is your site. Supplying people with this patch library for one of the most interesting synths of all time is so awesome of you! I will let you send you a link someday when my album is done.
    All the best to you and your music.

  4. Hello,
    Thanks for providing these Proteus patches, I’ve been looking all over for them and it’s quite a service you’re providing as the actual memory cards go for ridiculous amounts for a single preset card. Can’t wait to see what else this thing is capable of!

  5. UltraProteus arriving shortly, looking forward to exploring it. Many thanks for making this work freely available, look forward to loading it up into my new aquisition and seeing what it sounds like

  6. Thanks very much for posting your UltraProteus voices. I just picked one up and am looking forward to finishing into it.


  7. Jerry Keating. I got your Ultraproteus Password request, and have attempted to send the password to you twice, but it keeps bouncing back. If you see this, just comment another email address, or a correction to the original address here, and I will resend.

    PS – If you send me a message via Facebook messenger here:


    I can also get back to you that way :)

    Image or PDF: not found

  8. Thank you Michael. I have 2 of these units and I love them 😊 I appreciate the hard work you put into this project, Greg

  9. Thank you! I’m thinking about getting an Ultra Proteus and am only concerned about the included presets, so this will help a lot.

    1. From experience, I can promise you that if you decide to delve into the features of the Ultraproteus, you will not be disappointed!

  10. I was lucky founding your page. I’m ultraproteus owner and the information found here were precious . i dowloaded the package and I’m exciting to hear the sounds. Really good work, hugs from Italy

  11. I’m eager to hearing what you’ve cobbled together.

    I’ve been ditching the VSTs and dusting off the hardware, lately, so finding these new patches couldn’t have come at a better time.

    Thanks a lot!

  12. Sorry…. I’ve just figured out i wrote my email wrong….
    Thanks a lot, I’m really looking up to the sounds!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  13. Thank you very very much!!!

    I’ve just got this synth and I’m really looking forward for this patches!!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  14. Thanks for these sounds. I’m new to the Proteus world, but I’m looking forward to trying these out.

    Thanks again!


  15. Hello! Thank you for sharing your work! I am discovering right now the power of this machine: the Function Generator is unique, I never saw anything like that in any synth. I hope to learn how to program this beast!

  16. Hi Michael,
    I am from London, its great that you have decided to share your hard work with lesser mortals who neither have the time or the inclination to program there own presets for this magnificent synthesiser.

  17. I have just received my UltraProteus recently and would love to hear what this synth is truly capable of outside of the presets. Thank you for creating this bank for this beautiful synth!

    1. Greetings,

      Hello from the early 90’s. This looks very interesting. I’m always on the prowl for sysex presets for the older E-MUs. Any chance you have anything for big brother Morpheus as well?

      Thank you, respectfully.

  18. Hi Michael – just got my UP module today, so haven’t even got in to the synth or programming it up as yet! ‘Len303’ has advised a fair bit as he knows stacks about Morph & UP over a few decades no doubt … ! he’s sending RAM card & his patches.
    So it is very kind for you to offer FOC your creations, which I’m very much looking forward to digging in to :-p

    Thanks for sharing these Michael!

  19. Thank you Michael. I’m a collector of Proteus banks, but I could never find the ultraproteus banks.
    I don’t see the link to download them in this page. Can you send it to me?
    Thanks in advance

  20. I managed to purchase a group of four Ultra Proteus’ a few years ago – just starting to dig in to the synth and looking forward to hearing your patches!

  21. I bought my UltraProteus last night, and was very impressed by
    its mysterious ‘Z plane filters’ sound.

    And now,I’m so happy to find this cool site and your works.
    Thank you for sharing your sound package for Ultra Proteus!
    It must be very helpful for my music production.


  22. Fantastic find! I own an UltraProteus and I really love it, so I’m very happy to discover that somebody is providing such a great package to us UltraProLovers… :-)

    Thanks a lot! Your site is excellent.

    1. Your very welcome! Virtualizing a Function Generated Z-Plane architecture with only preset functionality was challenging.

  23. Thank you for your nice and informative website, and for sharing your knowledge and experience by providing this package for UltraProteus!

  24. Hi Michael,
    Bravo for your site, really nice, and a section sound very interesting design, hoping to see other pages on old hardware synthesizers!
    Thank you for this Ultraproteus Package.
    Good continuation.

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