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The Casio HT-700 is a consumer level Synthesizer that featured Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) Synthesis, with a real Voltage Controlled Filter that could be programmed to sound like a professional sounding Synthesizer. The Casio HT series of Keyboards was the easiest and most affordable solution for anyone interested in learning how to program Synthesizers, and learn the methods of sound design, using the basic fundamentals of all Synthesizer routing’s like Oscillator to Filter to Amplifier connections. Although the HT-700 includes a MIDI in and MIDI out port, it is incapable of sending, or receiving System Exclusive Data. It is due to this design that I can only offer sounds for the HT-700 using custom designed Synthesizer Data Sheets. Printable, and ready to use, the Data Sheets included in this package give this consumer level keyboard a professional sound.

Casio HT-700 Package Contents

  • Sounds:
    • HT-700 Tone Bank Presets in 10 Printable Data Sheets (PDF)
    • HT-700 Chord Bank Presets in 2 Printable Data Sheets (PDF)
  • Documentation:
    • Sound documentation (this document)
    • 2 Printable Blank Sound and Chord Bank Data Sheets (PDF)
    • The Casio HT-700 Owners Manual

Casio HT-700 Data Sound Sheet input instructions

To input the sound data of you’re newly purchased sounds from the Data Sound Sheet into the HT-700, simply input the numbers from the “Metasound Data” row on the right hand side of the Data Sheet that corresponds to the “DCO & LFO, VCF, DCA, and CH” parameters row. Please see the following example (Click image to Enlarge):

Moog Bass/Lead Metasound Tone Data Sheet

HT-700 Sheet

If you are unsure how to input Tone or Chord Data into your HT-700, please read pages 25 and 39 of the HT-700 Owners manual to learn how. The owner’s manual is included.

Sound File Summary of Terms

The files below are provided free and as is, (previously offered by me through Metascape Media for $3.00), no warranty or support implied or otherwise. You must agree to the END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT  before downloading the provided .zip archive. The archive is also password protected. To gain the password, please leave a personal “thank you” message within the “comments” section below with a valid email address so that I may provide the archives password for you.

This ensures a proper count of the users who download, and use these sounds. Your email address will NOT be used for any other purpose than to gain the archived password. Thank you for understanding, and I sincerely hope you enjoy making music with my sounds, and the various included sounds within the package. I would also love to hear your work using these sounds, but that’s completely up to you. You’ll have my email address, link me to your creative genius anytime keyboard

Sound File Download

Casio HT-700 Video Demo:

Video courtesy: geerefamilyusa


The Casio HT-700 Owners Manual is Copyright 2007 Casio Computer Company LTD.

All new Casio HT-700 sound banks Copyright 2014 Michael Lyon


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  1. Hello and thank you for making this webpage. I have just acquired an HT-700 and information about it is very sparse. I’m glad to have found your site and hope to put the instrument to good use.


  2. Thank You Sooooo Much. I used to Own one way back in the day. Hoping to find a way to convert them to KONTAKT or SF2, so that I can use them in a VSTi host situation. There a couple of specific sounds on it that I remember using almost fantically, and would love to be able to do so again.

    Thank You in Advance.

    Image or PDF: Bishop's Seal Mini 2

  3. Thank you so much. I used to own this synth on 80’s. I am just rediscovering it again. Please send the password.

    1. thank you so much for this, been studying you on youtube now for a while and am elated this is available now!! Please send the password, thanks again!!

  4. After your recommendation, I have now also bought a 700th on Ebay. Thanks for the explanations!

    Now I try your sound-ideas. Please send me the password. Thanks a lot!

    1. Las únicas donaciones gratuitas para el HT700 que conozco están aquí en esta página web. Simplemente descargue el paquete que proporciono y le enviaré la contraseña del archivo. Gracias, y espero que tengas un gran día!

  5. Thanks for providing these sounds. I just bought an HT-3000 for just over £55 and would like to try these sounds out on it. Would you be able to provide the password? That would be great.

  6. Hi there! Just downloading a meta synth patch thingy – which makes me happy – for my Hohner KS49. The white walker brethren lol. Looking forward to trying them 😉

  7. Thank you for sharing this valuable sound information. 80’s retro folks need this for there reference for creating sounds of the 70’s and 80’s.


  8. Thank you very much in advance for providing these. It would be a pleasure using them as a ground to lay my learning on. I found ht700 for roughly 100€, not the best price – but hey, it’s a-okay for the First owned synth . Cheers!

  9. thank you for providing those patches for free.
    would be happy to receive the pass as well.
    cheers in advance!

  10. Hi,

    thanks for offering these sounds for free. I just got hold of an RA 100 card, and am looking forward to store your sounds there.

    Greetings from Trond

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