Amy Lee …A Reminder of Sonic Evolution, the true Artist’s Path


I finally had the chance to listen to Amy Lee’s new solo release: Aftermath, and have been reminded of the true artists path …Sonic Evolution. It’s not the first time I’ve experienced this reminder. For instance, just listen to the discography of RUSH between 1974 to 2002 …Evolution of the true artist is inevitable …an accumulated wealth of experience, transformed into the wisdom of cultivation.

As I listen to, and experience the beginnings of my Sonic Journey up to this period of the creational process, I feel this cultivated evolution rising, taking form, and manifesting from the evolutionary consistency of advancement. Make no mistake in the harmonic delivery of this evolution. The complexity or simplicity of an Evolved Composition is not a factor of final determination …It is the sonic delivery of evolvement itself that determines the path of the artistic soul.

Amy, like so many true artists who naturally evolve beyond their original fan base despite expectations (Evanescence), remind me that I am on the true path of Sonic Artistry. Thank you Amy :)

FN: Very good article in Rolling Stone Magazine from Amy, and her thoughts on this Sonic Evolution Here. Also, enjoy Amy’s official YouTube releases below :)

Welcome to the Sonic Journey of AmbieticA

After sharing logov1my Music within countless posts on many Social Media sites, I started to notice that everything was turning into an unorganized form of chaos. Between Sound Cloud, Face Book, and Google+, it was becoming harder to find “that exact song” you heard a week ago, buried within the posts of yesterday!

I had previously owned the domain and site, Metascape Media, and everything was in perfect working order …Well, that’s if GoDaddy servers were up lol. Anyway, I thought to myself today …HEY, make another site, and make sure all of the Music is in Order …And here we have it!

Welcome to the site! Every Musical endeavor I have shared recently, and others not so recently, are in pristine order from my older projects, to the latest endeavor; AmbieticA. There’s even a new and improved “About” section, if you so dare to ponder into my mind lol.

I will be adding to this site in both the form of Posts, kind of like blogging, but definitely musically oriented, and of course more Ambient music as my inspiration kicks into gear. In the mean time, enjoy the music …it’s an honor to share!