Luftrum Lunaris Unparalleled Pads


“Lunaris¬†has those great sounding pads from the Analog era, and combines Modern Soundscapes, making this an Ageless Ambient Instrument.”

Luftrum has released their first Kontakt instrument, and I am very impressed. Finally having the chance to go through each and every factory patch that comes with this awesome sample library, I can honestly say, not only is Lunaris worth every penny, but unlike a lot of other sample libraries I have used, there are absolutely NO unusable factory patches! This in itself is pretty rare, as I usually find at the very minimum at least 1 or 2 patches within a sample library that are unusable.  I was also fortunate enough to receive the $20 off introductory price, but still think that at the regular price of $159, that Lunaris is still worth the purchase.

Lunaris ¬†is compatible with the Kontakt player, and even has samples from Dave Smith’s highly acclaimed Prophet 6! If your looking for Orchestral Timbre, or realistic instrumental sounds, Lunaris probably won’t be for you. But if your looking for great Synthetic Sounscapes, ¬†Analog/Digital Hybrid Elements, and¬†Natural Field Recordings to add to your mix, Lunaris won’t dissapoint. Lunaris¬†has those great sounding pads from the Analog era, and combines Modern Soundscapes, making this an “Ageless Ambient Instrument”.

For sound designers, Lunaris¬†has a 4 Oscillator sound engine, complete with “ADSR”, as well as Lowpass, Highpass, and Bandpass Filter sections. The filter uses a new Filter Split Function, based on ¬†smart filter algorithms, that sort all the active filters in different bands, preventing low rumble and any clashing of frequencies between layers. ¬†The four Oscillators have 200 sampled sound sources to choose from as follows:

  • Multisampled ¬†Synth Pads: 30 of them are original Luftrum pads from the Prophet-6.
  • Field Recordings: of mother nature, ranging from calm ocean waves to radio fallouts from the ionosphere to forest drones, binaural rain, quiet mountain gusts, hydrophone recordings, airport atmosphere to cracking ice cape experiments with contact mics.
  • Synth Transients: are transients adding harmonics to the initial start of the sound and can range from bell-like timbres to short synth plucks over softer fading synth leads.
  • Synth Soundscapes: are synthesizer based textures, soundscapes and sustained mellow beds of synthscapes.

I am currently working on custom patches to share with everyone who owns this awesome sample library. For starters, click here to receive my first Lunaris Patch Free! It’s a sound I call “Autumn’s Lead Pad II” ¬†I highly recommend Lunaris for anyone who creates Ambient Music, and it would be the perfect addition to any Synthetic Music Library Arsenal. For more information visit:¬†

p6 samples

The screen shot above displays the 30 Prophet-6 Samples you have to choose from, available on 1 of 4 Oscillator sections.

Listen to Samples from this Amazing Sound Library.

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Astral Journey: a journey into parallel genre’s

New Experiment: Ambient Trance. Very hard to Master this one (EQ Limiting Compression Madness). Trying to bring the deep analog stereo flanging lows out without blowing your speakers, (cheap speakers are NOT recommended for optimal results), whilst maintaining the bright digital additive evolutionary soundscapes, (I peaked it at -6 Db). So you might have to adjust your volume to determine just how much “Woof” they can handle for this sonic journey ūüėČ Still need to work on the sonics of this genre :)

The Roland D-50

Out of every Digital Synthesizer I’ve ever played, or thought about, the Roland D-50 ¬†has always held some kind of “Mystical Aura” in my mind. “What is this crazy LA Synthesis, and why does it sound So Good!” I would think. I have always dreamed of owning one, along with the PG-1000 programming module that complimented this beautiful digital legend.¬†1987 is when I started my¬†“Synthetic” Musical Journey, and was the exact year this Legend was released. Unable to afford the D-50 during that time, I settled for an affordable alternative, the Kawai K1, which of course I still have to this very day, and will never part with.


My 30 year wait has finally come to an end! Roland’s Cloud¬†has finally released what so many have been anticipating, the Software equivalent of the Roland D-50, and after so many comparisons I have researched online, this is as close to the “real deal” as it gets. Complete with a built in PG-1000 programming console!


I was hesitant to join Roland’s Cloud, but after news of this release, I took the dive. I’m not a fan of subscription based services, as the basic introductory price of $19.95 per month just to play this instrument is a bit¬†daunting, but considering the first 30 days is free, I had nothing to lose, well, for at least 30 days ūüėČ I have actually witnessed a Roland D-50 along with a PG-1000 in pristine condition go for upwards of $900.00, and $500.00 ¬†respectively on eBay. The first year including a¬†free month on Roland’s Cloud would be $219.45, just a thought.

Beside the financial aspects, I have had the chance to spend 3 days learning¬†Linear Arithmetic Synthesis, the internal engine that drives the D-50. After years of Synthesis Programming, it became second nature within an hour of “Tweaking” presets to gain familiarity. I’m especially impressed with the “TVA/TVF” Envelope Generators. Not your normal “ADSR” and more akin to Casio CZ, 8 Stage Generators than anything I’ve encountered, but with much more flexibility.

D50 plugout

I must state, this isn’t a review, this is more of a celebration. For anyone reading this who hasn’t done so already, I encourage you to hop on over to Roland’s Cloud based service, and claim your free month to delve into not only the D-50, but they have much much more! Available as of this writing: ¬†The Roland System-8, System-1, Jupiter-8, SH-101, Juno-106, System 100, Promars, SH-2, Sound Canvas, as well as sample based Rompler’s like: Anthology 1985, 1987, 1990, Guitars, Piano, and much more …All for a FREE MONTH! Thank You Roland, you finally came through, and one of the check marks on my bucket-list is filled! ūüėÄ

Roland D-50 VS Control Panels:


Lower and Upper Common

Lower and Upper Partial Select

As an add to this post, and delving into the Roland D-50 learning curve, I found a great resource for those who ever get stuck programming this legend. I highly recommend the “Roland D50 Creative Book” available there: The Cult of D-50. Now available within the “Sound & Instrument Resources” link list to your right ūüėČ


Update 6/26/2017:

Delving Deep into “LA” Synthesis, and finally understanding the Roland D50 Architecture, a few sounds have emerged. Think I’ll finish a bank at this point ūüėČ All sounds “Raw” using only on board effects. Sounds in Sequence:

Galactic Pad I > U:Saw String L:Airy String – Modulation:Pressure
Galactic Pad II > U:Tibetan L:Hi Q – Modulation:Pressure
Crystal Tines > U:Cathedral L:Chime Pad РModulation:Pressure  (My Version of Fantasia)
Synergy Pad > U:DK Synergy L:DK Synergy – Modulation:Pressure

Update 7/1/2017:

For those who need assistance programming your own sounds with the Roland D50 VS, a great video tutorial has been created here:

Whispers from Within

A gentle Gaian mist of an effervescent light that burns deep within. Did you forget? Did you ever know? Have you ever understood? Another slow composition for “fast times”. Let’s slow it down, look within, contemplate, and gather ourselves… now centered, reach forth into the light, and share this wisdom, as there seems to be so little beauty from within brought forth into the darkness.

Instruments: Custom Roland D50 Sounds, Piano, Cello, The beauty of Clara’s voice, and the silent whispers of our Planet :)

Woodland Wonder

Wandering ¬†the Woodlands, one will find Great Wonder Within… Find time to pause in a fast pace world. Another “Slow” composition for “Fast” times :)

The Garden of Rapture

In the Garden life she walks. The scent of sweet pink pedals from the eternal tree of spring’s essence surround her being, and a stream of Goldfish beckon her instinct, as she climbs the bridge to gaze forth into the water below. In an instant her emotions are uplifted, as she slowly turns her attention toward an overwhelming feeling of rapture …Her eyes meet his. Lost yet found, Their spirits soar beyond the heavens, wrapped within the souls of two becoming one, for the very first time. Loves embrace, eternal, and pure.

The Rhythm Of Gaia

EDM Meets an Ambient Dream …An Atmospheric array of 909 Beats, Tantric Analog Rhythms and Pads, Primordial Woodwinds, Mystic Breathing, Terran Ambience, and Gaian Chants.

Shashthi EDM

Thought I would kick off the New Year with some Dance Music! This was created using a 909 backing track with Analog Rhythms, Digital Pads, and the beautiful voices of Children from India. Happy New Year everyone!

Shashthi – Hindu folk goddess, venerated as the benefactor and protector of children.

KALI Linux Transformed

In the beginning (sounds epic huh?), I recorded and created music using a Yamaha MT-120 4 track recorder. As usual technology advanced, and I switched to Syntech’s Studio One sequencer¬†using a Commodore 64 with a Sonus MIDI interface, which eventually led to the Atari 1040STe using the Sonus Masterpiece sequencer. Finally came Windows 95, with all of it’s bells and whistles around 1997 (Finally, affordable Red Book CD Burning).

Well, It¬†was time to break the learning curve once again. After much research, I’ve successfully turned KALI Linux into a Digital Audio Workstation.¬†And why exactly would I create a Digital Audio Workstation originally designed to be a ¬†Penetration Testing and Security Auditing Workstation? Easy answer …I use the best Security Auditing tool to monitor my networks, and as always, wondered if I could just make it happen. Might as well multi-task fun as well ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†ūüėÄ ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† …Next up: Linux based Music.

Linux Instruments: AM Synth, Sample v1, Synth v1
Linux DAW: Ardour ver. 5.3.0

By now I believe everyone has at least heard¬†of Linux, Ubuntu being the most popular version. KALI is a bit different, and was never meant to be transformed into a Digital Audio Workstation.¬†Here’s the description from

Kali Linux is a Debian-based Linux distribution aimed at advanced Penetration Testing and Security Auditing. Kali contains several hundred tools which are geared towards various information security tasks, such as Penetration Testing, Security research, Computer Forensics and Reverse Engineering. Kali Linux is developed, funded and maintained by Offensive Security, a leading information security training company.

Linux Audio: Jack Audio Connection Kit, Synth v1
Linux Audio: Installation of the Linux Audio Driver and Mixer