Thanksgiving Day Sounds

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving day. I was fortunate enough to spend the day with my Lady, my Daughter, two Sons, 4 Furry Children, (My Dog’s), and the best part, my beautiful Grandchild Jane. I also made two sounds using Lunaris. A bit different than what I have created before. Same rhythm and filter  types, with two completely different meanings. The first pays homage to the “old ones” …H.P. Lovecraft’s awesome God we all know as “Cthulhu”. The sound:  “The Call of Cthulhu“. It uses 4 oscillators,  with various LFO and Arpeggiated rhythms that control a 2-pole filter type, and as always, heavy use of the Mod Wheel for total control over the timbre, with Distortion:



The second sound is a tribute to one of the greatest scientific minds we have had the honor of learning from, and his greatest contribution  that led to Special relativity …Albert Einstein’s famous formula: “E=mc2“. Also using a specially calculated rhythm and filter beats using LFO as well as 4 oscillators, with heavy use of the Mod Wheel:


E = mc2

I sincerely hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving day, and always remember to be grateful for everything in your lives…

Sylvan Glen

I just created a sound using Lunaris I can’t stop playing. It takes me into a world of Fantasy, with Sylvan Elves, and Mystic Forests. Sylvan Glen…



Rhythmic Lunaris Pads

I created a sound using Lunaris yesterday to compliment the sound I made last month titled: 4 Billion Years Ago, which is a deep rhythmic pad that leads into a lava filled planet drone. So today I thought, what about 4 Billion Years into the Future? This is a sound that uses 4 oscillators. 2 as pads, and 2 as a never before done filter rhythms with opposite arpeggiated amounts and separate unique tempos, along with low pass filter settings and Flux Motion, just at the perfect amount in total control of the filter fluctuation. Using only 3 fingers to play, and the Mod Wheel, I think we have something Epic here…



So I decided to create a Multi, and combine both of the rhythmic pads I programmed using Lunaris: 4 Billion Years into the Future and 4 Billion Years Ago, and to my amazement 4 separate arpeggiations using 4 different tempos triggered perfectly note after note, and pushing the Mod Wheel up, the Pad and Drone combination matched perfectly as well. Now that is Epic! Listen to the result of future and past combined …The Saga of 4 Billion Years:



Cinematic LocoMotion

I finally had the chance to download and install my awesome winning prize …Collision FX, created by Sound Yeti, and wow, it is everything they say it is. This instrument is a major cinematic tool! To learn the interface, I decided to of course load presets, and delve within the many parameters available. I read the manual, as I always do, as not to miss any details because this is not your average synthesizer interface. This instrument seems to LIVE AND BREATH on FX processed side-chains. Now I finally understand the “innovation” I was listening to within the demo material.


It came like clockwork, I loaded and individually “tweeked” one instrument after the next until I finally made my first “Multi” instrument. I dub this sound, “LocoMotion 2“. It’s an Ambient Cinematic Soundtrack within itself. All synced up, although I can hear that I need to adjust a few attack parameters for good measure, and better “timing play-ability“. The next soundtrack I compose will include this, and Lunaris, as I believe we have a perfect combination at this point :) Enjoy a new sound creation I call LocoMotion 2, using Collision FX, with no processing, and played Improvisational of course 😉



What an exciting last few days. Fire season officially ended here in Oregon, and to celebrate, some much needed outdoor rest and relaxation was in order. I loaded up my truck with the necessary gear, and  sweet Miss Bonnie, my beautiful German Shepard happily accompanied me to the great outdoors to share some time around the campfire, and to blaze a few forest trails. After two days out, we decided to head back down the mountain, and make our way back into the world once again. 


Sweet Miss Bonnie

Upon my return, I checked my e-mail first thing to catch up on missed messages, only to find I was one of the selected prize winners of Sound Yeti’s brand new Kontakt instrument: Collision FX – Cinematic Scoring Tool! I was ecstatic! How lucky this week has been …wandering in the forest with my Sweet Bonnie, then coming home to an awesome new addition to my sonic arsenal. Wow!


Winners Announced, click to enlarge image.

I’ve listened to the demo’s and studied the instruments architecture, and this is an amazing and innovative instrument. I am still in the process of downloading  Collision FX at the time of this writing, as it is a whopping 14.72 GB. But I can hardly wait to delve into this beauties sonic abilities. Being an Ambient Sound Designer, you can expect new patches from AmbieticA for Collision FX  in the future for sure.


To learn more about Collision FX, please visit Sound Yeti’s Collision FX Instrument Page here, and prepare to be amazed! Thank you Sound Yeti, this was the icing on the cake of my glorious week! More to come as I delve into this Instrument…

Luftrum Sound Design Approves ApolloniA

I just got a big “thumbs up” from one of the greatest sound designers on Earth for my latest release ApolloniA! Søren of Luftrum Sound design posted:

“If you own Lunaris then go ahead and download ApolloniA, a free set of 20 new presets plus 10 multi instruments created by Michael Lyon. I have tested them this morning and they are very well programmed and absolutely worth the download containing fantasy lead pads, glittering, bright, 90’s inspired, D-50’ish pads and rhythmic atmospheres, plus a little how-to-install manual.”

Thank you Søren! And thank you for creating Lunaris, a Kontakt instrument worthy of taking the time to program! For those just catching up, you can get Lunaris here:

And grab my free expansion here:

Lunaris is undoubtedly one of the greatest Kontakt Pad Synthesizer’s of it’s time!


StarBurst HT for PVHT6000

StarBurst HT_s

StarBurst HT is a rather unique sound expansion set for the HT6000 sample library, produced by Rhythmic Robot Audio. What makes StarBurst HT so unique is that this sound set uses Rhythmic Robot’s Casio HT6000 sampled content, and transforms the basic HT sounds provided into a lush sounding ambient instrument using advanced Kontakt parameters, and impulse response based

There is a backstory that led me to this challenge; In 1988, I purchased the Casio HT700 brand new. Before that I had only used Yamaha FM based synthesizers, and wanted to learn how to program synthesizers using a more conventional subtractive method, unlike the FM Operator techniques I had previously used. My budget being tight at the time, the HT700 had both the subtractive synthesis architecture, and a price that fit my budget.


The Casio HT-700

The Casio HT series employed Digital Spectrum Dynamic Synthesis using PCM waveforms combined with a parpaphonic analog filter. It took a lot to create professional sounding patches, but it was indeed possible. If you are lucky enough to own one of these forgotten gems, I actually have a few of my custom patches available on sound sheets for everyone here.

So I was reading Sample Library Review, browsing the latest releases, and came across an article; “Rhythmic Robot release HT6000 – with Bastille Day Special“. Nostalgia filled my mind as I reminisced over the beginnings of my sound programming glory days. And as before, the price was right with an intro price of $4.12! I immediately purchased the PatchVault HT6000 sample library, and loaded it up. PatchVault HT6000 comes with all 20 of the Upper Register factory presets from Casio’s HT6000. And as I played each and every preset one after the other, I can truly attest that it sounds exactly like it’s younger brother, the Casio HT700.


The Casio HT-6000

As my sound programming skills have advanced quite a bit since that fine day roughly 30 years ago, my nostalgic mood quickly turned into a self challenge …What if I could transform the HT into a more advanced sounding modern ambient instrument using my skills, and modern technology? Challenge accepted! And after 2 days I present to you …StarBurst HT!


StarBurst HT Interface

StarBurst HT is a sound expansion pack for Rhythmic Robot Audio’s PatchVault HT6000. To experience this expansion, you will need both PatchVault HT6000, and Kontakt version 5.6.8. This expansion pack includes 10 single patches and 10 multi patches, a GUI that resembles the color and look of HT series synthesizers, and impulse response WAV files. I used 8 of the 20 PatchVault HT6000 samples to create the 10 single patches as follows:

  • Ambient Pad I (Hi ) = String Ensemble
  • Ambient Pad II (Low) = String Ensemble
  • Astral Ambience = Cathedral
  • Celestial Harp = Harp
  • Cosmic Brass = Brass Ensemble
  • Event Horizon = Synth Ensemble
  • Spirit Cave = Cosmic Dance
  • StarBurst = Synth Bells
  • Solina = Synth Ensemble 2
  • Vocodian = Synth Ensemble 2

The 10 Multi patches combine single patches, but sound nothing like their single counterparts, as I did a lot of re-programming of the initial singles within the multipatches to create an entirely different result. The 10 multi patches and their counterparts are as follows:

  • Astral Traveller = StarBurst, Astral Ambience
  • Cosmic Ensemble = Ambient Pad I, Cosmic Brass
  • Enchanted = Celestial Harp, Ambient Pad I, Solina
  • Ethereal = Vocodian x2, Solina, Ambient Pad I, Celestial Harp
  • Fantasynth = Ambient Pad II, Spirit Cave
  • Galactic Pad = Astral Ambience x2, Solina, Ambient Pad I
  • Multiverse = Event Horizon, StarBurst, Ambient Pad II
  • Requiem = Solina, Vocodian
  • Solid-State Symphony = Cosmic Brass, Solina
  • String Machine = Solina X2

8/15/2017: Although the expansion set is complete, I still have to create documentation, a listening preview, and a download area before release, but thought I would let everyone know what to expect within the next few days, so if you already havent had the chance to purchase Rhythmic Robot’s PatchVault HT6000 collection, now is a great time to add this nostalgic sample library to your instrument collection! Expect a release within the week :)

8/18/2017 UPDATE: StarBurst HT Released –  Click here to try this Sound Expansion Set for Fee!

ApolloniA for Lunaris


After 3 days of restoring my Windows based PC due to a badly corrupted Operating  System caused by a cyclic redundancy with the inability to end any process, leading me to manually shut down, thus corrupting more than one OS System file, I am restored and
running once again …Thank goodness for backups!

Anyway, before the disaster recovery, I was working on a project which I can finally present and continue. As mentioned within my previous post here, I mentioned that I was in the process of creating a custom sound set for Luftrum’s awesome Lunaris Synth Engine-Sample Library. So far I’ve completed 6 of the no less than 20 patches, (possibly more, as I really love this synth engine/sample combination).

Upon system restore, I decided to create a sound demo of the 6 sounds to give everyone a rough idea of what to expect. It is my honor to announce ApolloniA for Luftrum Lunaris  (Greek meaning: “From Apollo, Sunlight”). I recorded each sound in order from first to last with no external effects, just Lunaris in all of it’s raw glory, including use of the Mod Wheel settings.


  • Aurora Australis
  • Bright Equinox
  • Comet’s Tale
  • Deep Space Voyager
  • Polar Star
  • Stellar Halo


At this pace, it shouldn’t take too much longer to release this new sound set of no less than 20+ patches, and as for the price, how about free! In the meantime, have a listen, and enjoy :)

9/4/2017 UPDATE: ApolloniA Released –  Click here to try this Sound Expansion Set for Fee!

Until Tomorrow

Upon your travels through the Forest of emerald hue, your trek has finally come to days end. As you relax on the cliff-side of a great mountain top to rest, the lush beauty of a distant star we call Sun, glimmers a golden luminosity that touches your innermost being. And the sonic vibrations of life emanate around you, as the wind brushes up against your being, you effortlessly become one with life, and fade into the Realm of Dreams …Until Tomorrow.

Ambient Sound Design & Soundtrack Composition