Updated Resources

I just wanted to let everyone know I’ve had the chance to update a couple of resources with new material. The Ensoniq Mirage, and Yamaha DX-100 Downloadable Sound Files I have available.¬† The updated material includes:

Yamaha DX-100:

  • Yamaha DX-100 Schematics
  • Yamaha DX-100 Service Manual
  • Yamaha DX-100 Voice Programming Guide



Ensoniq Mirage:

  • Mirage Parameter Reference Card OS v3
  • Mirage Starter Guide by Peter Sansom
  • The Ensoniq Mirage Advanced Samplers Guide
  • The Ensoniq Mirage DSK Service Manual
  • Transoniq Hacker #039 (Sound Process OS Edition)
  • Mirage Links.txt (OS Tools & Resources for your Mirage)
    • –> Follow the links provided for hidden treasures ūüėČ



There have also been a few issues reported that the Mirage Disk Writing Utility wasn’t¬†loading properly, and after experimentation, have discovered how to correct this.

The Mirage Tools Version 1.0 Disk Writing Utility was coded for 32 bit systems, but will work on a 64 bit system by performing a little trick. I currently use Windows 8.1 ‚Äď 64 bit. What I did is found the command prompt program ‚Äúcmd.exe‚ÄĚ in the: “C:\WINDOWS\system32” folder.

I then copied and pasted it to the folder mwrite.exe was located, then ‚Äúdragged and dropped‚ÄĚ mwrite.exe¬†directly into cmd.exe and it opened perfectly. So if anyone is having this issue, try that, it should work.

I wanted to thank Ted Tudor, Jason Champion, and the great people of the Facebook Ensoniq Users Group by helping to add more resources within these archived updates for everyone.

Dance Of The Yundi Tsundi

In the old days the medicine men would travel to the rock caves to meet with the Yundi Tsundi and share in their secrets. The medicine men would stay in the mountains for seven days and nights, telling stories around the campfire. On the seventh night, at the darkest hour, as the drums beat louder and louder, the Yundi Tsundi danced around the fire circle, and chanted sacred songs. The Yundi Tsundi then told the medicine men to return their secrets that had been shared with them that year. The medicine men placed the secret formulas in the hands of the Yundi Tsundi, and left the cave to return to their people. The medicine men would return again and again, to receive and return the spirit gifts of the Yundi Tsundi for their people.

This experimental Ambient Composition was purposefully mastered¬†using low levels to maintain that “distant dreamy ambiance”¬†along with various sound effect processes such as multiple delays, convolution reverb, and custom sounds using¬†CZynthia, a 32-BIT Virtual Phase Distortion Synthesizer plug-in created by AlgoMusic:


CZynthia Specifications:

  • Two Phase Distortion Oscillator sections each offering two sets of 8 waveforms.
  • Three 8 stage envelopes each synth for control of pitch, phase and amplitude.
  • LFO (BPM synced or free running) offering 22 waveforms, rate and delay with pitch and phase destinations.
  • Pulsar module for algorithmic style pitch/phase modulation. (BPM synced)
  • Ring modulation, detune and transpose controls
  • Volume and panorama controls for stereo imaging and master volume.
  • Scale generator for force scaling of notes. Choice of 8 scales with root key selection.
  • Powerful multi FX section offering 7 simultaneous stereo effects: EQ, Rotor, Metal, Wah, Delay, Chorus, Reverb.

If you would like to give CZynthia a try, you can download this, and many more free VST Synthesizers by AlgoMusic at Westgate Sounds by clicking here.

The Planet Deep Scan: AmbieticA Bank 1

One of the latest Kontakt Libraries I’ve had the chance to play with this Summer is Atom Hub’s latest release: “The Planet Deep Scan“.¬† From Atom Hub’s description:

Immerse yourself in the vintage sci-fi audio world of The Planet Deep Scan, successor of the acclaimed ambient library, The Planet! In contrast to the previous sample collection and its mostly dreamy and mellow approach, The Planet Deep Scan focuses on a dark, textural content aimed at easy, intuitive
creating of evolving sound textures and soundscapes in a vintage, lo-fi fashion.

This is what interested me the most with this release. There are already quite a few “dreamy and mellow” ambient libraries out there. The “vintage lo-fi” approach really works well with this library, and will add a different sound which will mix perfectly with the¬†“dreamy and mellow” types.

The The Planet Deep Scan’s interface¬†is perfect for creating your own sound design endeavors¬†which include 4 “Scans”, (Oscillator sources), and the ability to Pan and Tune each¬†Scan individually. All 4¬†Scans are controlled using a basic Attack, Release envelope architecture, which suffices. The interface also provides 9¬†very usable effects, including a Filter section to sculpt that final sound.

With such¬†an intuitively programmable¬†interface, and very uniquely sampled sound sources that¬†this release provides, I couldn’t help my inner sound design artist, and took advantage of this great combination. Now at¬†21 new presets that include Synth Pads, Ambient Drones, and Spacey Leads, I decided to release them for free for everyone who has¬†The Planet Deep Scan.

Download page:

Atom Hub – The Planet Deep Scan – AmbieticA Bank 1

I sincerely hope you enjoy these new sounds as much as I did creating them,



Cosmic Synthesizer GUI

One of the most beautiful things I love about artistic development, is that you can expand beyond what you consider your primary art-form, and create, using an alternate sense, to help develop and expand your primary art-form, giving further inspiration to continue creating on two levels, becoming one in the end result…

As mentioned previously on another post, I considered including a possible new Graphic User Interface with the new Ambient Sound Bank I’ve been working on using Sonic Academy’s ANA2. Well, at this point, I would say that possibility is a definite yes. My latest work on creating a “Cosmic Theme”, perfect for spacey ambient sounds, is proving successful. But this is only the beginning of an even more possible second GUI, that would more resemble an old Analog Synthesizer GUI. One step at a time right? I always tend to get ahead of myself lol. Here’s what I have so far for ANA2’s “Cosmic theme” GUI:

The Main Synth Panel:

Buttons are now 3D and glow "ANA Blue" when they are on, including FX buttons, brightness reduction within nebular displays, and of course more nebula within alternate FX and browser panels, along with the new "Cosmic" logo.
Buttons are now 3D and glow “ANA Blue” when they are on, including FX buttons, brightness reduction within nebular displays, and of course more nebula within alternate FX and browser panels, along with the new “Cosmic” logo.

The Patch Browser Panel: 

Click on the image to expand. *hint* It shows upcoming sounds within this release ;)
Click on the image to expand. *hint* It shows upcoming sounds within this release ;)

The ARP and CMD combo Panel: 

The "CMD" or Chord Memory Device along with the Arpeggiator is a powerful combo needed in every Synth!
The “CMD” or Chord Memory Device along with the Arpeggiator is a powerful combo needed in every Synth!

I’ve completed much more, but these images give everyone a rough idea as what to expect using the “Cosmic Theme”. I find this theme very inspirational creating Ambient Drones, and Pads. ūüėÄ

Lord of the Sky

I thought it was due time to create a post, and share at least one sound creation. Why not one of the sounds I made today …”Lord of the Sky”. Using Sonic Academy’s ANA 2, I wanted to create something with a realistic Analog sound. This sound uses 5 out of 6 available Oscillators as follows:

OSC 1: Saw Soft (HD Wave – Sonic Academy)
OSC 2: Saw OB (HD Wave – Sonic Academy)
OSC 3: Saw 101 (HD Wave – Sonic Academy)
OSC 4: Chimes 4 (Sample – Sonic Academy)
OSC 5: Bird Symphony (Sample – Luftrum)

To get that Deep Low End/Resonant Analog sound, I used 2 emulated Oberheim Low Pass Filters in Series, combined with the main 3rd Low Pass Filter in the chain, and used special Modulation Routing techniques to “Morph” both the “Sky” sound and Filter Frequency/Resonance using the Modulation Wheel as such:


No effects were used except¬†ANA 2’s internal Equalizer. My latest emulated Analog Pad …Lord of the Sky:



Ethereal Chimes Meditation

The first set of Patches I have been working on using ANA 2 consist of trance like Drones. So I decided to try an experiment today using a particular Drone Sound I created,¬†along with Meditative¬†Binaural Beats to compliment the Drone itself. The¬†Binaural Beat technique I used was invented by Robert Monroe, founder of the¬†Monroe Institute. I have used¬†Hemi-Sync¬ģ technology for many years now, with great success.¬†Here’s a quick explanation of Hemi-Sync¬ģ:

“Hemi-Sync is short for Hemispheric Synchronization, also known as brainwave synchronization. The technique synchronizes both hemispheres of one’s brain, thereby creating a ‘frequency-following response’ designed to evoke certain effects. Hemi-Sync has been used for many purposes, including relaxation and sleep induction, learning and memory aids, helping those with physical and mental difficulties, and reaching altered states of consciousness through the use of sound.”¬†

Hemi-Sync¬ģ is used through the combination of¬†Binaural Beats. A binaural beat is an auditory illusion perceived when two different pure-tone sine waves, both with frequencies lower than 1500 Hz, with less than a 40 Hz difference between them, are presented to a listener dichotically (one through each ear). For example, if a 530 Hz pure tone is presented to a subject’s right ear, while a 520 Hz pure tone is presented to the subject’s left ear, the listener will perceive the auditory illusion of a third tone, in addition to the two pure-tones presented to each ear.

The third sound is called a binaural beat, and in the above example  a perceived pitch correlating to a frequency of 10 Hz, that being the difference between the 530 Hz and 520 Hz pure tones presented to each ear. Binaural beat perception originates in the inferior colliculus of the midbrain and the superior olivary complex of the brainstem, where auditory signals from each ear are integrated and precipitate electrical impulses along neural pathways through the reticular formation up the midbrain to the thalamus, auditory cortex, and other cortical regions.

I have created a few Drones using ANA 2, but one in particular stood out to use with this experiment …Ethereal Chimes. This sound uses 6¬† Oscillators as follows:

  • OSC 1: Sawsine (3D Wavetable – AmbieticA)
  • OSC 2: Vocoder 1¬†(3D Wavetable¬†– AmbieticA)
  • OSC 3: Sine 1 Peak (Single Cycle Wave¬†– AmbieticA)
  • OSC 4: Ping Pong Toy (Wavesample – Luftrum)
  • OSC 5: Music Box¬†(Wavesample – Luftrum)
  • OSC 6: Hyped Choir C3¬†(Wavesample – Sonic Academy)

All Oscillators combined and modulated optimally to create a meditative drone-like effect. Behind this sound track are the embedded¬†binaural beats. It’s the “wavering” sound you hear within the track itself.¬† Here are some tips for optimal listening results:

  • Use Headphones (good quality), or at the minimum, stereo speakers positioned as a perfect left and right pair, separated but in front of you. Any studio musicians reading this understand that completely. (Tweet, Mid and Woof cabinets recommended).
  • Sit or lie comfortably and close your eyes with no distractions, and have your volume adjusted at a comfortable level.
  • Make no effort to control breathing; simply breathe naturally.
  • Let go, and try not to concentrate on any one particular sound within the track. Let it take you on a journey within.
  • WARNING:¬†Do NOT listen to brainwave synchronization audio tracks while driving or operating machinery.
  • This is a ThetaAlpha Track. “Mind awake, body asleep”

Track time roughly 10 minutes. ANA 2 Ethereal Chimes Meditation



ANA 2 Ambient Project

After just 2 days,¬†with a lot of research and practical application, I have successfully¬† hand-crafted¬† the very first 3D and Single Cycle Wavetables and Waveforms for ANA 2. They sound nothing like what is currently available, as I am leaning more on the “Ambient” side of patch creation. Many more to create, but as of this writing I have¬†twenty one¬†3D Morphable Wavetables, and¬†twenty five Single Cycle Waveforms, tested and ready for Oscillation …all unique and sounding great!


I’ve also had the opportunity to speak with Soren of Luftrum Sound Design, and have complete permission to include his awesome Field Recordings within ANA 2 to create the Pads and Atmospheres, giving Luftrum full credit, and with a wonderful endeavor involved. Anyone who purchases this upcoming Ambient ANA 2 sound-bank that will include new Ambient Patches, 3D Wavetables, Single Cycle Waveforms, Rare Samples from my ancient synth collection gone by, and Luftrums Field Recordings, and a possible new GUI (one step at a time right?), will also contribute to the “Save the Children” fund as well.¬† Because it’s the right thing to do :)


Although this is a beginning “work in progress” at this point, please don’t hesitate to wait for this new Ambient ANA 2 Sound-bank to be completed to donate to the children, and grab some great field recordings from Luftrum in the process. Click Here to Donate!

So far the new Ambient patches are sounding great! More to come as this project gains momentum, and as always, I will share Sound Demo’s as time goes by …I sincerely hope everyone has a great New Year! :)

Cathedral Cove
Using Luftrums Field Recordings “Rosnaes Shore” & “Dripping”, along with Sonic Academy’s sample “Wave”, & my “Vocoder I & Sine Phaser I 3D Wavetables, along with Sonic Academy’s Triangle Analog” Waveform, with many Modulated Routing Techniques, we have a pretty awesome Ambient Drone here. Yes, this Drone uses 6 Oscillators :)