Eventide Blackhole


Sometimes to get that Ambient sound your looking for, you need to add the ebb and flow of space and time. I decided to create a few presets for a project I was working on using Eventide’s Blackhole, my absolute favorite reverberating effects processor of all time.

The presets make extensive use of the Ribbon Controller, which dynamically modulates several parameters at once for an added dimension of performance variables. I am going to add more over time. But for now, I’ve created 10 presets to start with. The presets vary between “Plucked”, and “Pad” sound types.

FX List:

  • AMB Canyon Keys
  • AMB Diurnal Stream
  • AMB Drone Sweeper
  • AMB Ethereal Plucker
  • AMB Lush Drifter
  • AMB Realms of Darkness
  • AMB Realms of Dystopia
  • AMB Realms of Fantasia
  • AMB Realms of Magic
  • AMB Wispy Warper

To install in Windows, place the “00 – AmbieticA” folder within the following directory path: