Sound Artist

logov1 AmbieticA

is a one Man project that delves into the Ambient side of Soundtrack creation, composed and arranged by myself, Michael Lyon, using multiple Sampling & Synthesis techniques. Beginning this Musical Journey in 1987, I was known as MEL Productions, changed in 2005 to Metascape Media, and now in 2014 my Music has evolved once again: AmbieticA …Exploring the deeper realms of Ambient Sound Design.

cue_full-cd Sound Design Skills

Synthesis Specialties: Harmonic & In-Harmonic Additive (Fourier), Attenuated Resonant Subtractive, Microsonic Time Scaled Granular, Additive Acoustic & Subtractive Formant, Advanced Vector, Pulse Code Modulated Wavetable, DSP Analog Modeling, Phase Modulation, (using both Algorithmic Frequency Modulation, and Interactive Phase Distortion), Proprietary Interpolated Z-Plane Subtractive, Digital Waveguide Physical Modeling, Impulse Responsive Convolution, Sample Based Linear Pulse-Code Modulation, and Sample Interface Scripting. Recording Specialties: Multi-Tracking with both Audio & MIDI using various Digital Audio Workstations & Tape Based Multi-Track Recorders, with FX Processing & personal Mastering measures.

 keys Music Philosophy and Biography

It was during my childhood that I resonated deep meaning to the vibration of sound. I was always fascinated by the organized structure of sound, and how it influenced an emotional response within those it touched. This organized structure of sound was given a name: Music. Of all the languages on this planet, music has the deepest impact within all cultures, and is the universal translator of personal and mass emotion.

At the age of 15, I started experimenting with acoustic guitar, drums, and various wind instruments. But it wasn’t until the age of 18 that I discovered an instrument that would give me the opportunity to fully express a deeper part of my innermost thoughts, emotions, and essential being.

The Synthesizer allowed me to not only create compositions that would normally take an entire orchestra to compose, but the artistic power to sculpt the vibration of sound itself. It was this factor alone that made it possible to fully manifest an expressed desire into an audible medium.

A philosophy I have adhered to during the compositional process is to void ones thoughts of all other musical influences. My earliest world wide release available was created during 1993. It is from that time, until around 1998 that I used this philosophy to abstain from listening to any other artist’s music. I also knew that I couldn’t take traditional music lessons, as they are centered upon the influence of music that has already been created. With this philosophy in practice, it was possible to delve within who I really was as an artist, and bring forth the true, un-influenced core of my creativity.

The music I have created has been labeled many genres: New Age, Fantasy, Space, Spiritual, Meditative, Ambient, and Electronic to name a few. But I have always considered my music to be an inspirational manifestation brought forth from the core essence of my being. Every sound you hear within my officially released albums were sculpted solely by me using raw, custom, and preset waveforms, along with multiple Synthesizer programming and Sampling techniques.

It is with great honor that I share the depths of my creative spirit with anyone who wishes to partake of its sonic vibration. I hope you enjoy listening to my music as much as I have enjoyed creating it, and I want thank you for the opportunity of becoming a part of your Musical experience.

– Michael