Eternal Drifter

“Nearing our destination, we were awakened from a long journeys cryosleep to witness the splendor of Orion before our very eyes. Without hesitation, I suited up and ventured outside of the ship, into the lush nebular spectrum of light.

As I slowly drifted, surrounded by a stellar nursery of unfathomable magnitude that was held within an infinite void, I felt a freedom I had never experienced before

…a deep connection with the Universe around me …an eternal oneness with all that is, was, and will ever be. Our destiny was now Interstellar, and our evolution is inevitable, as we venture forth into the Cosmos.”

This experimental Sci-Fi Soundtrack uses 9 patches from the Subsonic Artz soundset Origins. No other instruments or external processing was used. Patches used:

AR – Apollo (Hi Frequency Rhythm)
SQ – Aurora (Mid Frequency Rhythm)
RY – Extracting Helium (Synthetic Drum Rhythm)
BS – Pallas (Sustained Bass)
SY – Ray of Light (Synth Lead)
SC – So far away from Earth (Synth Riser)
PD – Virgo (Intro & Outro Pad 1 …Stacked)
PD – Dorado (Intro & Outro Pad 2 …Stacked)
FX – Spacesuit (Astronaut Breathing in Space FX)