Ambient Mirage: Sounds of the Curtis CEM-3328 LPF


Ambient Mirage is a sampled instrument for Kontakt that focuses exclusively on the Curtis CEM-3328 24 dB Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter Chips that were at the Analog heart of every Ensoniq Mirage 8-bit sampler.

To compliment the main Curtis CEM-3328 sound source, Ambient Mirage also includes vintage Voices, Choirs, Fantasy, Synthesizers, Strings, Winds and Percussive single Instrument elements, which are combined into deeply programmed, modern sounding, and very playable Multi patches, for a truly Ambient sound experience.

Also included are very rare samples from Triton’s Sound Process Operating System that transformed the Mirage from a Sampler, into a full blown 4 oscillator Synthesizer

This release includes 45 one of a kind patches: 25 “8-bit Vintage” Single Instruments, and 20 “Advanced Modern” Ambient Multi Instruments. To learn more, and hear audio demo’s, click here to enter the Ambient Mirage description page.