Sailing The Stellar Winds

Subsonic Artz & Triple Spiral Audio – Whispers In The Wind Sound Demo

“We boarded the majestic star galleon, destined to sail into a never ending abyss, carried by a beam of light, a ray of hope, and the courage of a new beginning into the great beyond”
Captain Entarca Kull.
– Log 1: Stellar Ship Argo

A Cinematic SciFi/Fantasy Soundtrack that uses 6 extraordinary sounds included with Whispers In The Wind, a new soundset created by Subsonic Artz and Triple Spiral Audio. Sounds used:

AR – Lost Horizon
PD – Beyond the Sun
BL – The Long Corridor
SQ – Hans in Space
AR – Final Countdown
KY – Into the Wild

To experience this awesome soundset Click Here!

Eventide Blackhole Ambient Presets

Sometimes to get that Ambient sound your looking for, you need to add the ebb and flow of space and time. I decided to create a few presets using Eventide’s Blackhole  for the work I was in the process of creating. Blackhole is my absolute favorite reverberating effects processor of all time.  Although specifically designed for my “work in progress” music, I thought I would share for anyone interested.

The presets make extensive use of the Ribbon Controller, which dynamically modulates several parameters at once for an added dimension of performance variables. I am going to add more over time. But for now, I’ve created 10 presets to start with. I created the presets to vary between “Plucked”, and “Pad” sound types.  I hope you all enjoy! …Click here to download