Mythos of Revelation


After completing Ambietic Atmospheres for Fathom Synth, and for the first time in many years, finding myself compelled, drawn toward, and¬† mesmerized by the capabilities and actual power of¬†a synthesizer, make me continue to delve deeply into the depths that is Fathom. I’ve found that I’ve barely scratched the surface.

The last patch that I made for Ambietic Atmospheres was a wave-table based morphing sound that¬†used modulation to create the vowels of “Hallelujah” subtle, but very present within the upper harmonic registers. For those that have Ambietic Atmospheres, it’s the voice patch named:¬†Requiem de Elysium.

I was compelled to continue experimentation with this discovered modulation technique. Using modulated time based LFO vibrato, combined with a 3 way wave-table parameter modulation morphing technique, resulting in an entire sonic world opening up before me using Fathom. I attempted to create more vowels, and ended up with a sonic Angelic Apocalypse combined with an impending rhythm of cinematic proportions.

Fathom actually allows you to name your modulators! Here is the list of modulators that make this sound what it is:


And for the first time, I actually “screen recorded” a patch so that you can watch this wave-table modulation technique in action! It deserved no less.¬† The audio quality isn’t the best. The recorder lacked high frequency capture, but just watch that beautifully modulated wave-table coalescing into a magnificent morphing hypnotic state of zen.

I’m almost absolutely sure at this point that any other wave-table synthesizer will not, and can not modulate enough to create such¬† complexity. I pushed the CPU¬† a bit hard with this one. But Seaweed Audio is¬†currently in the process of re-coding the framework to make sure Fathom can handle your sonic dreams, and beyond!