Message from Vangelis


I’m a huge fan of Vangelis. His sound design on the Yamaha CS-80 for Blade Runner is legendary, and serves as an inspiration
for me to this day. My favorite Vangelis Album has always been Direct, released in September, 1988. And my favorite Vangelis soundtrack is on that Album …Message, a very powerful, synthetic/symphonic piece. I wanted to capture this soundtracks powerful rhythm, and at the same time maintain the spirit of Blade Runner’s thick CS-80 saw sound, both combined into one modern patch, using Fathom to accomplish this.


This patch uses 4 customized Sawtooth Oscillators to capture the strength of a CS-80. They were customized using half of the fundamental frequency to emulate a Sawtooth passing through a Low Pass Filter before reaching the actual emulated Low Pass Filters. The 4 Saw’s are then divided between 2 emulated Low Pass Voltage Controlled Filters to capture the depth of a CS-80. The remaining 2 Pulse Oscillators are routed through 1 LP-VCF and shaped by an EQ Filter that’s modulated through a Low Frequency Oscillator, for that deep pulsing kick drum/bass effect you hear in “Message“.

The upper CS-80 Saw Pad can be controlled by using pressure sensitivity that brings in a vibrato effect, and the entire upper
and lower pad sound is dynamically controlled by the Mod Wheel for softness, thickness, clarity, and depth, capturing the
strength of a CS-80’s Un-Resonated Analog Sound. Here’s a short demonstration of everything combined in this Vangelis inspired Fathom patch, starting smooth, and ending strong. No external processing used: