10 Lush Ethereal Ambient Pads for SA Fathom Synth


I am finding no limits to what Seaweed Audio Fathom Synth can do from a designers view. The modulation capabilities, and multiple oscillation sources give any designer the opportunity to create almost anything imagined. I’ve even been able to create realistic sounds only found in nature using no samples! The last time I was¬† successfully satisfied¬†accomplishing this was designing on the EMU Ultraproteus, using Z-Plane filters combined with multiple Function Generators.

The developer of Fathom Synth is currently hard at work adding more features and making sure this synth is optimized for maximum performance. Seaweed Audio also has the best customer support system I have encountered. They are very passionate and involved in their user base, and making sure Fathom Synth is not only optimized, but has all of the features you would ever need.

I am in the process of creating a larger bank of Ambient patches for Fathom Synth¬†¬†which will include leads, plucks, atmospheres , FX, bass, rhythms etc… But I thought I would share the first 10 pads with everyone before I created more.¬† Here are a few small audio demos of the downloadable Ambient Pads I have:


If you like what you hear, and have Seaweed Audio Fathom Synth Click here to download¬†10 Lush Ethereal Ambient Pads. More to come …Enjoy!

Preset List