Midnight Solitude

Last night I was inspired to create a wave-table based pad using Fathom Synth. I combined this wave-table with a classic saw wave, and connected both individual oscillators to their own voltage controlled filter, each filter being modulated by separate sources; ModWheel, and ADSR. I also had the ModWheel control the wave-tables morph, and the saw waves filter resonance. And finally, I ran both oscillators through two separate reverb’s to give the patch ambient depth. I was very impressed by just how “thick & warm” Fathom sounded with the final result.

I also wondered how Fathom would sound as the main sound source using one of my custom ANA 2 atmospheric patches as an ambient drone. The final layered sound between the two equally impressed me. Both sound sources stood out separately, yet combined perfectly together to create an ambient atmospheric movement. I spontaneously recorded a small sample of the two layers combined:

  • Fathom Synth – Patch: Midnight Solitude
  • ANA 2 – Patch: Moonlit Nocturnia
Fathom Synth - Patch: "Midnight Solitude", a thick & warm wave-table pad.
Fathom Synth – Patch: “Midnight Solitude”, a thick & warm wave-table pad.
ANA 2 - Patch: "Moonlit Nocturnia" a natural/synthetic atmosphere.
ANA 2 – Patch: “Moonlit Nocturnia” a natural/synthetic atmosphere.