ANA2 Cosmic GUI & Ambient Expansion Pack Updates

A few more details have been added to the ANA 2 Cosmic GUI, bringing the version up to 1.10, and what I believe to be the final release. Here’s the updated feature list:

  • New 3D GUI Slider Caps
  • ADSR decal level adjustment
  • Pitch and ModWheel directional decals
  • New COSMIC, and ANA2 logo (replaced)
  • New Wavtable and Samplewave decals
  • Sonic Academy logo centered
  • Blue glass sidebars added to GUI

After finalizing ANA 2’s interface last night, I think a visual side by side comparison between the original factory default GUI, and Cosmic GUI is in order to showcase the vast difference:

Original Sonic Academy Factory Default GUI (click to enlarge):

Default GUI

Cosmic GUI ver. 1.10 by AmbieticA (click to enlarge):

Cosmic GUI v1.10

Version 1.10 will be released in combination with the new ANA 2 Ambient Expansion Pack, which is nearing completion, and soon to be released. The Expansion pack will contain all new Wavetables, Single Cycle Waves, Wave Samples, the new GUIArp PresetsG-ENV PresetsCMD Presets, and 100 all new Sound Presets.

The new Sound Presets focus on the Ambient side of music, and include:  Pads, Bass, Leads, Bells, Keys, Plucks, Poly, Strings, Atmospheres, FX, Templates,  and a new Rhythms category.

Details will be announced in the very near future…