SynthWave Machine

Last night I had this idea to create a fun experimental retro preset for ANA 2, and after noodling around for a little while, here we have it …SynthWave Machine! This preset is best experienced using the Mod Wheel and one key only, especially within the C2 to C4 range. This preset includes 3 new Morphable Wavetables, and 1 Retro Drum machine Loop:

  • Ah Ee III* – used as a morphed LFO synth effect
  • Hi Sub Warbler* – used as a morphed LFO drifting bass
  • Twister* – used as the Pad, and Mod Wheel twists it away
  • YIS-SynthWave** – a nostalgic Kawai R50 drum machine rhythm

To install just add the content within the folder structure I’ve placed in order for you within this package.

WINDOWS Users : C:\ProgramData\Sonic Academy\ANA 2\
MACOS Users : yourmacosHDD/Library/Application Support/Sonic Academy/ANA 2/

As you will soon find out, this preset is a “one trick pony”, but was fun to create and play around with. I hope you all enjoy the preset, and find use for the new Wavetables within your future projects.

Happy Halloween!

Click here to download SynthWave Machine for ANA 2

SynthWave Machine a fun experimental retro preset for ANA 2
SynthWave Machine a fun experimental retro preset for ANA 2

Used in the creation of this preset:

* Created using Serum FM Wavetable Studio
* Created using Serum FM Wavetable Studio
** Sampled by Yisraelee CC Sampling Plus 1.0
** Sampled by Yisraelee CC Sampling Plus 1.0

Update 11/24/2018: It’s always essential when you’re creating such a large bank of sounds for any synthesizer to remind yourself to consistently go back through your creations and play them like you’ve never owned them. So I, once again found this sound, and said “Hey …The play-ability isn’t synchronized!” …Like cooking, you need to add the right spices! So I added a touch of ATTACK within the many available spaces, and whammo! It can finally keep up with your fingers! Sound Designing is fun! If you’re having trouble with sync, just re-download the preset, and replace. Oh and let me know what you think :)     (I know yer gonna push this toy, but hey, it’s still a “one trick pony” …Hint: one finger not using Mono Mode lol  😀  This preset was inspired from my Ensoniq Mirage days 😉 ).

Custom Content for this expansion so far (click an image  to enlarge)…





Single Cycle Wavs:


Samples (respective owners of samples listed by initial):



Tranquility Base

Tranquility Base is the site on the Moon where, in 1969, humans landed the Apollo Lunar Module “Eagle”, and walked on another celestial body for the first time. Tranquility Base has remained unvisited since then. This soundtrack pays tribute to that moment in history. Apollo 11 mission recordings used: Courtesy NASA

This soundtrack also features new custom sound design using Sonic Academy’s ANA2 as a “sneek peek” into my ANA2 Ambient Project.  Still a work in progress, and no release date yet, but coming together great!

Above the Stratosphere is a powerful 5 Oscillator Airy Analog Pad that morphs into a Crystalline Atmosphere using the Mod Wheel.
Above the Stratosphere is a powerful 5 Oscillator Airy Analog Pad that morphs into a Crystalline Atmosphere using the Mod Wheel.

Updated Resources

I just wanted to let everyone know I’ve had the chance to update a couple of resources with new material. The Ensoniq Mirage, and Yamaha DX-100 Downloadable Sound Files I have available.  The updated material includes:

Yamaha DX-100:

  • Yamaha DX-100 Schematics
  • Yamaha DX-100 Service Manual
  • Yamaha DX-100 Voice Programming Guide



Ensoniq Mirage:

  • Mirage Parameter Reference Card OS v3
  • Mirage Starter Guide by Peter Sansom
  • The Ensoniq Mirage Advanced Samplers Guide
  • The Ensoniq Mirage DSK Service Manual
  • Transoniq Hacker #039 (Sound Process OS Edition)
  • Mirage Links.txt (OS Tools & Resources for your Mirage)
    • –> Follow the links provided for hidden treasures 😉



There have also been a few issues reported that the Mirage Disk Writing Utility wasn’t loading properly, and after experimentation, have discovered how to correct this.

The Mirage Tools Version 1.0 Disk Writing Utility was coded for 32 bit systems, but will work on a 64 bit system by performing a little trick. I currently use Windows 8.1 – 64 bit. What I did is found the command prompt program “cmd.exe” in the: “C:\WINDOWS\system32” folder.

I then copied and pasted it to the folder mwrite.exe was located, then “dragged and dropped” mwrite.exe directly into cmd.exe and it opened perfectly. So if anyone is having this issue, try that, it should work.

I wanted to thank Ted Tudor, Jason Champion, and the great people of the Facebook Ensoniq Users Group by helping to add more resources within these archived updates for everyone.