Dance Of The Yundi Tsundi

In the old days the medicine men would travel to the rock caves to meet with the Yundi Tsundi and share in their secrets. The medicine men would stay in the mountains for seven days and nights, telling stories around the campfire. On the seventh night, at the darkest hour, as the drums beat louder and louder, the Yundi Tsundi danced around the fire circle, and chanted sacred songs. The Yundi Tsundi then told the medicine men to return their secrets that had been shared with them that year. The medicine men placed the secret formulas in the hands of the Yundi Tsundi, and left the cave to return to their people. The medicine men would return again and again, to receive and return the spirit gifts of the Yundi Tsundi for their people.

This experimental Ambient Composition was purposefully mastered using low levels to maintain that “distant dreamy ambiance” along with various sound effect processes such as multiple delays, convolution reverb, and custom sounds using CZynthia, a 32-BIT Virtual Phase Distortion Synthesizer plug-in created by AlgoMusic:


CZynthia Specifications:

  • Two Phase Distortion Oscillator sections each offering two sets of 8 waveforms.
  • Three 8 stage envelopes each synth for control of pitch, phase and amplitude.
  • LFO (BPM synced or free running) offering 22 waveforms, rate and delay with pitch and phase destinations.
  • Pulsar module for algorithmic style pitch/phase modulation. (BPM synced)
  • Ring modulation, detune and transpose controls
  • Volume and panorama controls for stereo imaging and master volume.
  • Scale generator for force scaling of notes. Choice of 8 scales with root key selection.
  • Powerful multi FX section offering 7 simultaneous stereo effects: EQ, Rotor, Metal, Wah, Delay, Chorus, Reverb.

If you would like to give CZynthia a try, you can download this, and many more free VST Synthesizers by AlgoMusic at Westgate Sounds by clicking here.