The Planet Deep Scan: AmbieticA Bank 1

One of the latest Kontakt Libraries I’ve had the chance to play with this Summer is Atom Hub’s latest release: “The Planet Deep Scan“.¬† From Atom Hub’s description:

Immerse yourself in the vintage sci-fi audio world of The Planet Deep Scan, successor of the acclaimed ambient library, The Planet! In contrast to the previous sample collection and its mostly dreamy and mellow approach, The Planet Deep Scan focuses on a dark, textural content aimed at easy, intuitive
creating of evolving sound textures and soundscapes in a vintage, lo-fi fashion.

This is what interested me the most with this release. There are already quite a few “dreamy and mellow” ambient libraries out there. The “vintage lo-fi” approach really works well with this library, and will add a different sound which will mix perfectly with the¬†“dreamy and mellow” types.

The The Planet Deep Scan’s interface¬†is perfect for creating your own sound design endeavors¬†which include 4 “Scans”, (Oscillator sources), and the ability to Pan and Tune each¬†Scan individually. All 4¬†Scans are controlled using a basic Attack, Release envelope architecture, which suffices. The interface also provides 9¬†very usable effects, including a Filter section to sculpt that final sound.

With such¬†an intuitively programmable¬†interface, and very uniquely sampled sound sources that¬†this release provides, I couldn’t help my inner sound design artist, and took advantage of this great combination. Now at¬†21 new presets that include Synth Pads, Ambient Drones, and Spacey Leads, I decided to release them for free for everyone who has¬†The Planet Deep Scan.

Download page:

Atom Hub – The Planet Deep Scan – AmbieticA Bank 1

I sincerely hope you enjoy these new sounds as much as I did creating them,