Lord of the Sky

I thought it was due time to create a post, and share at least one sound creation. Why not one of the sounds I made today …”Lord of the Sky”. Using Sonic Academy’s ANA 2, I wanted to create something with a realistic Analog sound. This sound uses 5 out of 6 available Oscillators as follows:

OSC 1: Saw Soft (HD Wave – Sonic Academy)
OSC 2: Saw OB (HD Wave – Sonic Academy)
OSC 3: Saw 101 (HD Wave – Sonic Academy)
OSC 4: Chimes 4 (Sample – Sonic Academy)
OSC 5: Bird Symphony (Sample – Luftrum)

To get that Deep Low End/Resonant Analog sound, I used 2 emulated Oberheim Low Pass Filters in Series, combined with the main 3rd Low Pass Filter in the chain, and used special Modulation Routing techniques to “Morph” both the “Sky” sound and Filter Frequency/Resonance using the Modulation Wheel as such:


No effects were used except¬†ANA 2’s internal Equalizer. My latest emulated Analog Pad …Lord of the Sky: