ANA 2 Ambient Project

After just 2 days, with a lot of research and practical application, I have successfully  hand-crafted  the very first 3D and Single Cycle Wavetables and Waveforms for ANA 2. They sound nothing like what is currently available, as I am leaning more on the “Ambient” side of patch creation. Many more to create, but as of this writing I have twenty one 3D Morphable Wavetables, and twenty five Single Cycle Waveforms, tested and ready for Oscillation …all unique and sounding great!


I’ve also had the opportunity to speak with Soren of Luftrum Sound Design, and have complete permission to include his awesome Field Recordings within ANA 2 to create the Pads and Atmospheres, giving Luftrum full credit, and with a wonderful endeavor involved. Anyone who purchases this upcoming Ambient ANA 2 sound-bank that will include new Ambient Patches, 3D Wavetables, Single Cycle Waveforms, Rare Samples from my ancient synth collection gone by, and Luftrums Field Recordings, and a possible new GUI (one step at a time right?), will also contribute to the “Save the Children” fund as well.  Because it’s the right thing to do :)


Although this is a beginning “work in progress” at this point, please don’t hesitate to wait for this new Ambient ANA 2 Sound-bank to be completed to donate to the children, and grab some great field recordings from Luftrum in the process. Click Here to Donate!

So far the new Ambient patches are sounding great! More to come as this project gains momentum, and as always, I will share Sound Demo’s as time goes by …I sincerely hope everyone has a great New Year! :)

Cathedral Cove
Using Luftrums Field Recordings “Rosnaes Shore” & “Dripping”, along with Sonic Academy’s sample “Wave”, & my “Vocoder I & Sine Phaser I 3D Wavetables, along with Sonic Academy’s Triangle Analog” Waveform, with many Modulated Routing Techniques, we have a pretty awesome Ambient Drone here. Yes, this Drone uses 6 Oscillators :)