Ev Luth Kirche

My lady Connie asked me one day “how exactly do you do what you do”. She patiently sat down in the studio, as I walked her through what was involved to begin designing a sound. She took care of the selection of a sound source and then I proceeded to teach her how to adjust the parameters involved for frequency modulation. She looked at me after I walked her through adjusting a few parameters and she said, “there’s a lot to this”, I smiled and said, “Thank you for allowing me to show you one part of a larger structure”. Connie had one request …”Design a sound to go with the Church” (a photo she had taken, and won prizes for).

It was a challenge,  but after much Band-Pass Filter, Effect and Equalizer manipulation, I think I have it. The Birds that land around its structure, the Bell that Tolls, and the Angelic Atmospheric Pad surrounding its presence all there, of course “Ambiently” 😉 . For the one that I Love <3 …Ev Luth Kirche