Dyson Sphere’s

What if we, as a civilization, could collect all of the sun’s energy? If so, we would use some form of Dyson sphere! Physicist and astronomer Freeman J. Dyson first explored this idea as a thought experiment in 1960, as a “Search for Artificial Stellar Sources of Infrared Radiation” in Science as a way for an advanced civilization to utilize all of the energy radiated by their sun. It is an artificial sphere the size of an planetary orbit. The sphere would consist of a shell of solar collectors or habitats around the star, so that all (or at least a significant amount) energy will hit a receiving surface where it can be used. This would create a huge living space and gather enormous amounts of energy.

This sound pays tribute to Freeman Dyson, and his idea that this hypothetical mega-structure could be possible, given the technology and unity that would be needed to accomplish such a feat of stellar proportions. Using Lunaris with 4 Oscillators. 3 of the Oscillators were used to create a Science Fictionally Synchronized Dance of Rhythm, Light, and Sparkling Energy whipping about using all 3 “Mod/Seq” sections for each Oscillator, all 3 of the rhythms being synchronized, yet unique. The final Oscillator gives us the pad, which completes the sound itself. And as always, the Modulation wheel is definitely used to change the structure of the sound.                                                    …Inside the Dyson Sphere:


Life Inside the Dyson Sphere