Astral Journey

What might it sound like when your soul lifts out of your body, and travels within the Astral Realms? As you lie down, relax, and enter deep slumber, everything around you slowly morphs into the uncanny. Time itself is meaningless, and voices from the void speak to you intangibly. Welcome to the Astral Journey. Using Lunaris, the modulation wheel will take you there, then bring you back :)



Bonnies Beach

Combining an experience into a translatable sonic medium has always been the greatest highlight of creation for me. It’s a translation of sight and ear¬†combined with¬†the perception of mind. Like the painter, brushing¬†an experience of sound onto a canvas¬†of listening is an¬† art-form unto itself. This Sound is inspired by my Sweet Bonnies first experience with our great giver of life here on Earth …The Sea. And her experience with¬†our¬†ocean¬†for the first time …A child at play. Using Lunaris with 4 Oscillators, Field Recordings, Pan Modulations, and Effects Settings. And as always, heavy use of the Modulation Wheel. Just a reminder …This is not a song …This is a single sound. I’m testing this sound playing Major and Minor Chords only. The actual part in a song would be much deeper :)Bonnies Beach.