Thanksgiving Day Sounds

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving day. I was fortunate enough to spend the day with my Lady, my Daughter, two Sons, 4 Furry Children, (My Dog’s), and the best part, my beautiful Grandchild Jane. I also made two sounds using Lunaris. A bit different than what I have created before. Same rhythm and filter  types, with two completely different meanings. The first pays homage to the “old ones” …H.P. Lovecraft’s awesome God we all know as “Cthulhu”. The sound:  “The Call of Cthulhu“. It uses 4 oscillators,  with various LFO and Arpeggiated rhythms that control a 2-pole filter type, and as always, heavy use of the Mod Wheel for total control over the timbre, with Distortion:



The second sound is a tribute to one of the greatest scientific minds we have had the honor of learning from, and his greatest contribution  that led to Special relativity …Albert Einstein’s famous formula: “E=mc2“. Also using a specially calculated rhythm and filter beats using LFO as well as 4 oscillators, with heavy use of the Mod Wheel:


E = mc2

I sincerely hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving day, and always remember to be grateful for everything in your lives…