Cinematic LocoMotion

I finally had the chance to download and install my awesome winning prize …Collision FX, created by Sound Yeti, and wow, it is everything they say it is. This instrument is a major cinematic tool! To learn the interface, I decided to of course load presets, and delve within the many parameters available. I read the manual, as I always do, as not to miss any details because this is not your average synthesizer interface. This instrument seems to LIVE AND BREATH on FX processed side-chains. Now I finally understand the “innovation” I was listening to within the demo material.


It came like clockwork, I loaded and individually “tweeked” one instrument after the next until I finally made my first “Multi” instrument. I dub this sound, “LocoMotion 2“. It’s an Ambient Cinematic Soundtrack within itself. All synced up, although I can hear that I need to adjust a few attack parameters for good measure, and better “timing play-ability“. The next soundtrack I compose will include this, and Lunaris, as I believe we have a perfect combination at this point :) Enjoy a new sound creation I call LocoMotion 2, using Collision FX, with no processing, and played Improvisational of course 😉