What an exciting last few days. Fire season officially ended here in Oregon, and to celebrate, some much needed outdoor rest and relaxation was in order. I loaded up my truck with the necessary gear, and  sweet Miss Bonnie, my beautiful German Shepard happily accompanied me to the great outdoors to share some time around the campfire, and to blaze a few forest trails. After two days out, we decided to head back down the mountain, and make our way back into the world once again. 


Sweet Miss Bonnie

Upon my return, I checked my e-mail first thing to catch up on missed messages, only to find I was one of the selected prize winners of Sound Yeti’s brand new Kontakt instrument: Collision FX – Cinematic Scoring Tool! I was ecstatic! How lucky this week has been …wandering in the forest with my Sweet Bonnie, then coming home to an awesome new addition to my sonic arsenal. Wow!


Winners Announced, click to enlarge image.

I’ve listened to the demo’s and studied the instruments architecture, and this is an amazing and innovative instrument. I am still in the process of downloading  Collision FX at the time of this writing, as it is a whopping 14.72 GB. But I can hardly wait to delve into this beauties sonic abilities. Being an Ambient Sound Designer, you can expect new patches from AmbieticA for Collision FX  in the future for sure.


To learn more about Collision FX, please visit Sound Yeti’s Collision FX Instrument Page here, and prepare to be amazed! Thank you Sound Yeti, this was the icing on the cake of my glorious week! More to come as I delve into this Instrument…