Luftrum Sound Design Approves ApolloniA

I just got a big “thumbs up” from one of the greatest sound designers on Earth for my latest release ApolloniA! Søren of Luftrum Sound design posted:

“If you own Lunaris then go ahead and download ApolloniA, a free set of 20 new presets plus 10 multi instruments created by Michael Lyon. I have tested them this morning and they are very well programmed and absolutely worth the download containing fantasy lead pads, glittering, bright, 90’s inspired, D-50’ish pads and rhythmic atmospheres, plus a little how-to-install manual.”

Thank you Søren! And thank you for creating Lunaris, a Kontakt instrument worthy of taking the time to program! For those just catching up, you can get Lunaris here:

And grab my free expansion here:

Lunaris is undoubtedly one of the greatest Kontakt Pad Synthesizer’s of it’s time!