ApolloniA for Lunaris


After 3 days of restoring my Windows based PC due to a badly corrupted Operating  System caused by a cyclic redundancy with the inability to end any process, leading me to manually shut down, thus corrupting more than one OS System file, I am restored and
running once again …Thank goodness for backups!

Anyway, before the disaster recovery, I was working on a project which I can finally present and continue. As mentioned within my previous post here, I mentioned that I was in the process of creating a custom sound set for Luftrum’s awesome Lunaris Synth Engine-Sample Library. So far I’ve completed 6 of the no less than 20 patches, (possibly more, as I really love this synth engine/sample combination).

Upon system restore, I decided to create a sound demo of the 6 sounds to give everyone a rough idea of what to expect. It is my honor to announce ApolloniA for Luftrum Lunaris  (Greek meaning: “From Apollo, Sunlight”). I recorded each sound in order from first to last with no external effects, just Lunaris in all of it’s raw glory, including use of the Mod Wheel settings.


  • Aurora Australis
  • Bright Equinox
  • Comet’s Tale
  • Deep Space Voyager
  • Polar Star
  • Stellar Halo


At this pace, it shouldn’t take too much longer to release this new sound set of no less than 20+ patches, and as for the price, how about free! In the meantime, have a listen, and enjoy :)

9/4/2017 UPDATE: ApolloniA Released –  Click here to try this Sound Expansion Set for Fee!
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