Electra Prime

I would like to share an album I released back in 2006. It’s an album called “Electra Prime”. I eventually plan on releasing this and much more on this website, but felt the need to begin here. This album is much more than music, it’s the story of a journey through space, time, and destiny. I’m hoping it resonates with some of you. Included within the image link below are 9 MP3’s, 1 hand crafted album cover, and a PDF which contains the literature for each song in sequence. I hope you all enjoy …More to come 😀

“Following the release of The Gates of Infinity, This release will guide you, the listener, from your home world of Earth toward Electra Prime, a distant planet in the Pleiades star cluster, into life as a Pleiadian, and beyond.”

Click here to download Electra Prime as a “Zipped” archive :)


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  1. I sincerely wanted to thank everyone for their interest in this release. I use BOX to serve you, the free account no less. The free account provides 10GB of Bandwidth per month. The day before I posted Electra Prime there was less than 1GB of 10GB used. Two days later 9.8 GB of 10.0GB used. Wow …Incredible. Considering I have a lot more to share, maybe it’s time to code a custom “PHP” widget, and use this sites unlimited bandwidth server instead. You guys are awesome …Hope your enjoying! 😀

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