Retro 90’s “Piano Pad”

After much anticipation patiently awaiting UVI’s servers to deliver a 10 Gigabyte package beyond a download speed of 24K, I finally had the chance to play with UVI’s “Digital Synsations”, an emulation of 4 Vintage Digital Classic Synthesizers, including the highly acclaimed Roland D-50, Yamaha SY77, Korg M1, and Ensoniq VFX, (always wanted to own the entire lot, but they seemed to be out of financial reach back in the day).

I have always wanted to use these old classics to create an awesome “New Age” Piano Pad. I loaded up the D590’s, DSX, and DS1, tweaked a few settings to my taste, then added an ambient/concert Piano and I believe I found that classic “end of the 80’s/beginning of the 90’s” Piano Pad sound.

UVI's "Digital Synsations"
UVI’s “Digital Synsations”

I was astonished just how well UVI has emulated these awesome digital classics, which includes all of the editing capabilities needed, minus the original oscillators, (I think that would have been a copyright issue at any-rate). I hope everyone interested in Digital Synsations took advantage of the free UVI promotion. After week of download time because of this promotion, it was still totally worth the wait!