Throwback Thursday #1

One thing I’ve been avoiding is the latest “Throw Back Thursday” trend. But after sifting through some old photographs, I can’t help myself at this point. These were moments during my Musical Evolution that have defined my Sound Engineering skills …Never to be forgotten (Click pic to enlarge):

Michael_Lyon_The_Studio_1990 copy

One of my early Recording Studio’s Circa 1990. Found and combined 2 pictures  …Ensoniq Mirage, Yamaha DX-100, Casio CZ-100, CT-670 and HT-700 instruments, all tied together with a MIDI Xpander to Commodore 64 running the Syntech Studio 1 MIDI Sequencer, and a Yamaha MT-120 Portastudio. In this picture, I was editing Sampled Waveforms during the creation of an Ensoniq Mirage Sample Library using the Sonus Sonic Editor. 


Speaking of which, I pulled the E-MU Ultraproteus out of the closet yesterday to try out the new plethora of sounds I just acquired …All 6 official E-MU ROM cards! After going through all 1524 new sounds, I was seriously disappointed. The original programmers didn’t use the Z-Plane Filters and Function Generators to their fullest. This made me realize I need to keep the Ultraproteus out, and continue to sample, adding new sounds to the Ultrapro Sample Library for everyone.


The Ultrapro is a sample library based from the the E-MU ULTRAPROTEUS sampled exclusively by Myself, and currently on Version 2.3 featuring 11 Multi Presets, 7 Single Presets, and 6 X-tra Muti Combos. Future incremental updates are currently planned, and will include addition Samples and Presets. Although not uploaded at this time, you will find the UltraPro available shortly within the “Sound Design” section of this website.