AstronomicA s

Although still a Work In Progress, I thought it was due time to share a sample of this new Sound Set…

AstronomicA – An Electronic Demonstration of my all new Sound Set for Zero-G’s Epica virtual synthesizer powered by Kontakt, currently a work in progress. All new Resonant Filter types, Routed through Cascading Modulated Group Inserts, using Sam Spacey’s Sample base as the main Oscillated Sound Source. Zero external FX used. All FX Internally Enhanced exclusively for this Sound Set.

Sounds used in this Demo:

  • What Dreams May Come (Atmos Pad)
  • Star Traveller (ARP Pad)
  • Ethereal Morphing Crystal Tine (Bright Lead)
  • Harmoniousphere (Atmos Pad)
  • Polyopus Solarina (String Pad)
  • Near Death Experience (Drone Pad)

Whats Epica you say? Click here to learn more!

2 thoughts on “AstronomicA”

  1. Hi,

    wow, some top programming there, really impressed. Always nice to hear others interpretation of your work. I will find time tomorrow to listen to your music….again impresive work :)

    Best wishes

    Sam Spacey

    1. Thank you Sam, I sincerely appreciate your kind words. Epica is my favorite virtual Synth of all time so far, and I hope to actually find time to complete this sound-set, but life gets so busy at times.


      Michael :)

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