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As an advanced designer of sound, and a passion to actually ¬†travel within the sonic landscapes I’ve created, I realize it’s not ¬†unlike the graphic artist, who’s beautiful paintings one could envision a lifetime living within the¬†boundaries of a seemingly¬†infinite moment in¬†time …Such is the power of imaginative creativity we, as beings, are given.

During the creation of my latest¬†sound design, a sonic achievement I have so boldly named “Near Death Experience”, a¬†Drone Pad programmed exclusively using Sam Spacey’s latest release, Epica,¬†a¬†great epiphany emerged:

“I make¬†sounds that make¬†music, instead of making music using sounds.”

As silly as this may sound, (pardon the pun), it summarizes the life of a sound designer. Although most, if not all sound designers are definitely musicians by nature, I would fathom to guarantee that the vast majority of composing sound designers are inspired by the creation of sound itself, not unlike how the painter mixes a pallet of beautiful colors to compose a work of art for those to partake of upon a canvas of light, reflective within the imaginations of the viewer.

As I design each aspect of the¬†sonic palette, I can’t help but notice a¬†cosmic rhythm within the sound itself. Each oscillator, or “sound source”, if you will, connect as a complete image, to give one the visualization of an imaginative realm of individualistic¬†internal stimuli responding with an emotional outcome, created by this sonic vibration we have termed “Music”.

Harmonic tones, repeating drones, filterscapes controlled by low frequency oscillations, from ones creation, to another’s inception of internal emotional translation, I can honestly say from experience, is the universal language of perception …indeed, the Magic of Sound creates Light without Sight.¬†It is an honor to hone this ability. It is an honor above all to share this with you, as I construct my latest Ambient endeavor.

So far, I have “mindcrafted” 6 new ultimate Epica presets, that have taken¬†hours¬†day’s to program to perfection:

  • Harmoniousphere (Atmos Pad)
  • Near Death Experience (Drone Pad)
  • Polyopus Solarina (String Pad)
  • Skyworld (Atmos Pad)
  • Star Traveller (ARP Pad)
  • What Dreams May Come (Atmos Pad)

The small sample above have no less than 4 – 6 Oscillators per voice, which in this case I have dubbed “Elements” instead of Oscillators. Each Element is an Oscillator in it’s most complex form. Containing a massive amount of virtual circuitry …Multiple filter chains, morphs, FX, advanced modulation routing’s, and timed sample precise triggers to name a few. Pushing Epica to the limits as an advanced ambient synthesizer in it’s own right.¬†Stay tuned for continued¬†development, and an audio preview in the near future, as I create an ambient composition using this sound set only.

Foot Note: I have also updated the¬†“Sound Design” section of this site, to include many sound designs I’ve created, previously only available through Metascape Media, to become available upon the achievement of downloadable storage space.

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