Manda Ophuis …Awesome Vocalist, True to her Fans, and down to Earth.


One of the greatest things an artist can do besides share their wonderful talents with the world, is to make sure they stay “down to Earth”. As we all know, there have been artists who’s ego has become so inflated, they loose touch with the very reason they decided to share their music to begin with; their greatest asset of all …Their Fans!

Manda Ophuis lead vocalist of the great band Nemesea, is such an artist. She consistently stays in touch with her fans, and is VERY down to Earth. That in itself inspires me beyond the Music. To be humble, and to care about those around you enough to interact with a large fan base can be difficult considering your only one person. But Manda, and those like her, find the time to “stay connected” with their fans. She recently answered her fans questions, and I happened to be one of many fans she answered:

“Michael Lyon: If you had one wish …What would it be?”
“Manda Ophuis: I wish to be happy and carefree.”

We should ALL wish to be Happy, and Carefree! What an awesome world it would be! Thank you Manda, for answering my question, and staying in touch with your fans. I highly recommend that anyone who hasn’t had the chance to experience the awesome Music of Nemesea to do so …A very unique sound you just can’t stop listening to. A great song to start with, and one of my favorites …AFTERLIFE. Enjoy the song, and as an artist, we should ALL make sure to “Stay In Touch” with those who spend their time enjoying our Music. As one such artist, this I can promise :)